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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D635824 Metal ribbon bracket assy for tap handle Apr. 12, 2011
D635823 Wine aerator device Apr. 12, 2011
D635822 Germ guard Apr. 12, 2011
D635821 Serving tray accessory Apr. 12, 2011
D635820 Stacking set of bakeware Apr. 12, 2011
D635819 Stacking set of bakeware Apr. 12, 2011
D635818 Slow cooker Apr. 12, 2011
D635817 Container assembly Apr. 12, 2011
D635816 Container basket Apr. 12, 2011
D635815 Electric oven Apr. 12, 2011
D635814 Barbeque Apr. 12, 2011
D635813 Coffee maker Apr. 12, 2011
D635812 Water cooler design Apr. 12, 2011
D635811 Microwave oven radiation protection cover Apr. 12, 2011
D635810 Storage rack with a single pivoting panel Apr. 12, 2011
D635809 Combination corner shelf and grab bar Apr. 12, 2011
D635808 Soap dispenser Apr. 12, 2011
D635807 Shower pole caddy Apr. 12, 2011
D635806 Paper roll holder Apr. 12, 2011
D635805 Paper dispenser Apr. 12, 2011
D635804 TV mounted shelf Apr. 12, 2011
D635803 Eyewear shaped display device Apr. 12, 2011
D635802 Cabinet door Apr. 12, 2011
D635801 Spinner display unit Apr. 12, 2011
D635800 Floor sign holder with receptacle Apr. 12, 2011
D635799 Stackable holder for coffee pods Apr. 12, 2011
D635798 Display unit Apr. 12, 2011
D635797 Foldable computer desk Apr. 12, 2011
D635796 Cooler Apr. 12, 2011
D635795 Cooler Apr. 12, 2011
D635794 Convertible sofa with multiple positions Apr. 12, 2011
D635793 Convertible sofa with multiple positions Apr. 12, 2011
D635792 Three seater convertible sofa with multiple positions Apr. 12, 2011
D635791 Double cushion convertible sofa with multiple positions Apr. 12, 2011
D635790 Chair Apr. 12, 2011
D635789 Drawer slide auto-close dampening mechanism Apr. 12, 2011
D635788 Bench Apr. 12, 2011
D635787 Pedicure spa Apr. 12, 2011
D635786 Pedicure spa Apr. 12, 2011
D635785 Pedicure spa Apr. 12, 2011
D635784 Slim digital photo frame Apr. 12, 2011
D635783 Combined insulation material and wall studs Apr. 12, 2011
D635782 Cleaning wipe Apr. 12, 2011
D635781 Lace fabric Apr. 12, 2011
D635780 Lace fabric Apr. 12, 2011
D635779 Lace fabric Apr. 12, 2011
D635778 Lace fabric Apr. 12, 2011
D635777 Lace fabric Apr. 12, 2011
D635776 Lint roller cover Apr. 12, 2011
D635775 Toothbrush handle Apr. 12, 2011

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