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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D636124 Set of hair styling bands Apr. 12, 2011
D636123 Curling iron Apr. 12, 2011
D636122 Braid removal tool Apr. 12, 2011
D636121 Portable lotion applicator Apr. 12, 2011
D636120 Cosmetic powder-puff Apr. 12, 2011
D636119 Holder for lighter and cigarette Apr. 12, 2011
D636118 LED lamp module Apr. 12, 2011
D636117 LED lamp module Apr. 12, 2011
D636116 LED lamp module Apr. 12, 2011
D636115 Recessed luminaire Apr. 12, 2011
D636114 Lamp Apr. 12, 2011
D636113 Reflector Apr. 12, 2011
D636112 Lighting fixture Apr. 12, 2011
D636111 Lens Apr. 12, 2011
D636110 Lampshade Apr. 12, 2011
D636109 Lighting fixture Apr. 12, 2011
D636108 Ceiling light fixture Apr. 12, 2011
D636107 Lighting fixture Apr. 12, 2011
D636106 LED lamp Apr. 12, 2011
D636105 Luminaire Apr. 12, 2011
D636104 Head-mounted LED light Apr. 12, 2011
D636103 Front turn lamp for a truck Apr. 12, 2011
D636102 Vehicle headlight Apr. 12, 2011
D636101 Vehicle tail light Apr. 12, 2011
D636100 Front combination lamp for an automobile Apr. 12, 2011
D636099 Grate access floor panel Apr. 12, 2011
D636098 Access floor panel Apr. 12, 2011
D636097 Insulating material Apr. 12, 2011
D636096 Insulating material Apr. 12, 2011
D636095 Self-mating beam assembly Apr. 12, 2011
D636094 Molded surface of a concrete product Apr. 12, 2011
D636093 Molded surface of a concrete product Apr. 12, 2011
D636092 Pinch beaker Apr. 12, 2011
D636091 Electrical dispenser for two component cartridges Apr. 12, 2011
D636090 Pedilounge bowl Apr. 12, 2011
D636089 Acupressure element for cupping device Apr. 12, 2011
D636088 Hand-held applicator for applying energy to a body tissue region Apr. 12, 2011
D636087 Hand-held applicator with disposable tissue interface for applying energy to body tissue Apr. 12, 2011
D636086 Child feeding bottle Apr. 12, 2011
D636085 Spring for dental displacement Apr. 12, 2011
D636084 Spring for dental displacement Apr. 12, 2011
D636083 Spring Apr. 12, 2011
D636082 Surgical blade tip adaptor with side channels Apr. 12, 2011
D636081 Shaver handpiece Apr. 12, 2011
D636080 Video otoscope Apr. 12, 2011
D636079 Irrigation adapter for shaver blades Apr. 12, 2011
D636078 Irrigation adapter for shaver Apr. 12, 2011
D636077 Fluidic connector Apr. 12, 2011
D636076 Feminine hygiene pad with ornamental indicia Apr. 12, 2011
D636075 Ostomy bag holder Apr. 12, 2011

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