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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE38724 Method and apparatus for providing shortest elapsed time route and tracking information to users Apr. 12, 2005
RE38723 Haloalkyl derivatives of reporter molecules used to analyze metabolic activity in cells Apr. 12, 2005
RE38722 Polymerizable isolation barriers containing reflective materials and methods for forming and usi... Apr. 12, 2005
RE38721 Polymerizable isolation barriers with reduced polymerization strength and methods for forming an... Apr. 12, 2005
RE38720 Image motion compensating address generator Apr. 12, 2005
PP15721 Athyrium plant named `Pewter Lace` Apr. 12, 2005
PP15720 Geranium plant named `Genlibred` Apr. 12, 2005
PP15719 Chrysanthemum plant named `Agapi` Apr. 12, 2005
PP15718 Verbena plant named `Balazcherd` Apr. 12, 2005
PP15717 Miniature rose plant named `KORglolev` Apr. 12, 2005
PP15716 Miniature rose plant named `KORcarill` Apr. 12, 2005
PP15715 Euphorbia plant named `Tasmanian Tiger` Apr. 12, 2005
PP15714 Chrysanthemum plant named `Chisel Time Cerise` Apr. 12, 2005
D504000 Portable sink with foldable faucet Apr. 12, 2005
D503999 Cover for washer and dryer Apr. 12, 2005
D503998 Dog chew Apr. 12, 2005
D503997 Animal collar including a plurality of light sources Apr. 12, 2005
D503996 Golf green cigar humidor Apr. 12, 2005
D503995 Lighting fixture Apr. 12, 2005
D503994 Light fixture Apr. 12, 2005
D503993 Light fixture Apr. 12, 2005
D503992 Lighting fixture Apr. 12, 2005
D503991 Flashlight Apr. 12, 2005
D503990 Internally lighted crystal prism mirror light for vehicle Apr. 12, 2005
D503989 Automobile light Apr. 12, 2005
D503988 Fluorescent lamp Apr. 12, 2005
D503987 Fluorescent lamp Apr. 12, 2005
D503986 Light bulb Apr. 12, 2005
D503985 Newel Apr. 12, 2005
D503984 Baluster design Apr. 12, 2005
D503983 Window component extrusion Apr. 12, 2005
D503982 Wound dressing for heel Apr. 12, 2005
D503981 Carrier for medical instruments Apr. 12, 2005
D503980 Marker for radiography specimens Apr. 12, 2005
D503979 Portable microdermabrasion device Apr. 12, 2005
D503978 In-line occluder Apr. 12, 2005
D503977 Anchor pad Apr. 12, 2005
D503976 Outdoor fireplace Apr. 12, 2005
D503975 Electric fan Apr. 12, 2005
D503974 Air freshener device Apr. 12, 2005
D503973 Active substances diffuser Apr. 12, 2005
D503972 Air treatment system Apr. 12, 2005
D503971 Air dryer Apr. 12, 2005
D503970 Toilet wrap Apr. 12, 2005
D503969 End cap for a conduit Apr. 12, 2005
D503968 Flat bend for a conduit Apr. 12, 2005
D503967 Handle Apr. 12, 2005
D503966 Shower head Apr. 12, 2005
D503965 Showerhead control lever Apr. 12, 2005
D503964 Cover member of the fishing reel Apr. 12, 2005

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