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Method for culturing lactic acid bacterium and method for producing fermented milk
Method and apparatus for detecting and tracking vehicles
Communication apparatus, communication method, and communication system
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Hybrid asynchronous transmission process
Ion generation using wetted porous material
Linerless labels
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FFC-connection assembly
Transparent copolyamides from 2,4'-PACM
Method for storing fruits and/or vegetables and a refrigerating container therefor
4-hydroxy-benzopyran-2-ones and 4-hydroxy-cycloalkyl[b]pyran-2-ones useful to treat retroviral infections
Method and apparatus for measuring strain or fatigue
Method for shielding electronic equipment by coating with copper containing composition
Method for recognizing and marking contrast agents in blood vessels of the lung with the aid of a CT examination and an image evaluation unit of a CT system
Apparatus for detecting polarity of an input signal
Combined watch and clip
Electrical device for liquid level measurements in industrial tanks and the like