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Photoacoustic joulemeter utilizing beam deflection technique
Electronic hand-held device
Distributed mobile access point acquisition
Chip on film (COF) package having test line for testing electrical function of chip and method for manufacturing same
Organic light emitting diode light source device
Method and system to generate finite state grammars using sample phrases
Movable assemblies for an image reader unit and a cover unit in an image formation apparatus
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Power control apparatus for discharging lamp and method thereof
Bottom finishing station components for a cup making machine
Apparatus for pulling silicon single crystal
Dehydrocoupling of toluene
Process for producing cadmium sulfide on a cadmium telluride surface
Method and arrangement for reduction annealing of iron powder
3-(1'-Silyloxy-3'-hydroxyethyl)-4-hydroxy-6-silyloxyhexanoic acid .gamma. l a
Method of making inflation for teat cup assembly
Dielectric function of thin metal films determined by combined transmission spectroscopic ellipsometry and intensity measurements
Wind turbine blade