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Optical signal output apparatus, electrical signal output apparatus, and test apparatus
Method and apparatus for organizing segments of media assets and determining relevance of segments to a query
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Electronic device
Control system for shifting an automatic transmission
Automatic stop and restart device for an engine
Digital watermark embedding apparatus, digital watermark embedding method, and digital watermark detection apparatus
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Microactuator and method for fabricating the same
Systems and methods for enhanced facsimile communication network and preference selection
Keypad for telephones and the like
Vacuum cleaner
Hinge assembly for mounting sewing machine in cabinet
Process for the production of high purity isobutene combining reactive distillation with hydroisomerisation and skeletal isomerisation
Sanding pad
Process for the preparation of polyunsaturated cycloaliphatic ketones
System and related method for road traffic monitoring
Substituted tetrazolo[1,5-A]pyrazine inhibitors of histamine receptors for the treatment of disease