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Method, apparatus, computer program, and computer readable storage media for controlling the insertion of tab sheets into a print job
Viewing stand
Pre-sealing unit for wire-cut electric discharge machine
Systems and methods for managing and utilizing excess corn residue
Carrier sense multiple access (CSMA) protocols for power line communications (PLC)
System and method for employing signoff-quality timing analysis information concurrently in multiple scenarios to reduce dynamic power in an electronic circuit and an apparatus incorporating t
Electronic component and a system and method for producing an electronic component
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Silicone card frame with RFID payment device
Computer disconnect device
Internal combustion engine of the spark ignition type
Linear solenoid control apparatus and method having increased responsiveness features
Refrigerator for storing vials and cartridge for use in the same
Foldable rhombic hook blank
Abnormality detection system for evaporative fuel control systems of internal combustion engines
Method for securely extending key stream to encrypt high-entropy data
Photographic element having a stain resistant protective overcoat
Hang-up garment bag