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Method and apparatus for cutting high quality internal features and contours
Methods and apparatus for providing video on demand and network PVR functions using IP streaming
Soybean cultivar CL0911444
Trimming circuit and semiconductor device
System and method for reducing the risks involved in trading multiple spread trading strategies
Reception circuit and signal reception method
Method for forming contact hole
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Multiple ISDN and pots carrier system
Enol esters as bleach activators for detergents and cleaners
Stabilizers for synthetic resins
Semi-dry electroblotter
Use of phenol derivative in colorimetric analysis of metal ions
Use of a polysilicon layer for local interconnect in a CMOS or BICMOS technology incorporating sidewall spacers
Luminaire raising and lowering system
Allocation of tracker resources in a computing system
Hot-water appliance with vacuum insulation, to be connected to the water main
Variable clock rate, variable bit-depth analog-to-digital converter