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Image forming apparatus and system connectable with an authorization apparatus via a communications network, the image forming apparatus comprising an apparatus control section, an initial inq
Copolymer for positive type lithography, polymerization initiator used in production of said copolymer, and composition for semiconductor lithography
Mesa-shaped piezoelectric resonator element
Modified and stabilized GDF propeptides and uses thereof
High-resolution, active reflector radio frequency ranging system
Combined high and low frequency stimulation therapy
Image recording device, image recording method, and computer program product that adds a fluorescent-whitening-agent onto a recording sheet
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Trailer hitch assembly and method
Air blower safety control
Foot brush
Bearing support for a lift pump
Multi-tandem free piston machine
Protective casing for a display screen and a method and tool for manufacturing such a casing
Cold plasma coagulator
Hanging folder stop
Display screen of a communications device with a graphical user interface
Workpiece surface influencing device designs for electrochemical mechanical processing and method of using the same