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Flexible pouch
For a given cell in a spreadsheet, evaluating an unlimited number of conditional formatting rules and applying multiple corresponding formats to the cell
Method of manufacturing acrylic film, and acrylic film
Flat panel display
Node and wireless sensor network comprising the node
Expression of dirigent gene EG261 and its orthologs and paralogs enhances pathogen resistance in plants
Method and apparatus for organizing segments of media assets and determining relevance of segments to a query
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Method of testing semiconductor memory and apparatus for carrying out the method
Synchronous interface for transmitting data in a system of massively parallel processors
Methods of operating split-gate type non-volatile memory cells
Process for manufacture of containers for materials being heated
Method of forming, filling, and sealing bags continuously and an apparatus for forming, filling and sealing bags
Spare gun barrel hanging assembly
Laboratory supply arrangement
Safety device for a number of electrical loads
Apparatus for preventing coronal discharge
Arrangement for transferring sheet metal parts in a press installation