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  Recently Added Patents
Utilizing virtually stored media snapshots for rasterizing print jobs
Digital IF demodulator for video applications
Memory controller including a hardware compression and decompression engine for managing system memory and graphical operations
Apparatus and method for sterilizing vessel with electron beam
Method and apparatus for generating soft bit values in reduced-state equalizers
Detachably integrated battery charger for mobile cell phones and like devices
Method of processing data and display apparatus for performing the method
  Randomly Featured Patents
Method and system for controlling an electrically heated particulate filter
Method and apparatus for optically measuring, without contact, the granulometry of a cloud of particles or the roughness of a surface
Unitized wheel hub and bearing assembly with lubricant distributing vanes
Plastic fats and chocolate
Method for maximizing packing density with cylindrical objects in cylindrical cavities
Production of stable vanadium tetrachloride
Exercise apparatus for running or walking and method of manufacture
Automatic gain control of a scrambled video signal
Multimodal interface for mobile messaging
Carrier head for chemical mechanical polishing