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Dynamic load profiling in a power network
Mobile application for calendar sharing and scheduling
Selecting one of a plurality of print modes based on pixel coverage of a document
Treatment devices with deliver-activated inflatable members, and associated systems and methods for treating the spinal cord and other tissues
Denial of service (DoS) attack prevention through random access channel resource reallocation
Crowd formation based on wireless context information
Multi-level integrated circuit, device and method for modeling multi-level integrated circuits
  Randomly Featured Patents
Image forming method, image forming apparatus, and a set of inks and liquid composition
Method for measurement of head related transfer functions
Process for selective coagulant recovery from water treatment plant sludge
Microfabricated liquid junction reference electrode
Cable system and method for wind-resistant buildings
Detector for bidirectional movement of an extensible member in an electronic digital scale
Intelligent sensor method and apparatus for an optical wheel alignment machine
Drying section and method for drying a paper web
Ground elastic strap for compact flash housing
Polyurethane-based water-in-water multicolor paint and method for making