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Semiconductor device, method of manufacturing semiconductor device, and electronic apparatus
Credit flow control scheme in a router with flexible link widths utilizing minimal storage
Methods and systems for temporarily sharing position data between mobile-device users
Method and system for monitoring and treating hemodynamic parameters
Integrated control system for stability control of yaw, roll and lateral motion of a driving vehicle using an integrated sensing system to determine longitudinal velocity
Electrical event detection device and method of detecting and classifying electrical power usage
  Randomly Featured Patents
Hydraulic engine mount with self-pumping air bladder
Pulse area modulation and high-efficiency linear power amplifier system using the same
Microbial production of certain isoflavones
System for defining an alternate channel routing mechanism in a messaging middleware environment
Photosensitive member and electrostatic information recording method
Metal oxides and hydroxides as corrosion inhibitor pigments for a chromate-free corrosion resistant epoxy primer
Carbothermic reduction with parallel heat sources
Wound treatment utilizing collagenase and a phosphotidylcholine organogel
Operational control system for lift and elevator machinery
Transmission fluid filter joint