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Mobile terminal device capable of more effectively utilizing operation portions, conductive portion, operation detecting unit, power supply unit, and signal processing unit
Methods of packaging imager devices and optics modules, and resulting assemblies
Method and apparatus for closed-loop control of anti-tachyarrhythmia pacing using hemodynamic sensor
Blue box
Substituted di-arylhydantoin and di-arylthiohydantoin compounds and methods of use thereof
Method and apparatus for visual neural stimulation
Method and apparatus for wireless communication in a mesh network with central control of communication relationships
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Four-state switched decoupling capacitor system for active power stabilizer
Brush assembly for a cleaning device
Foot guard for three wheeled vehicles
Spare tire mounting
Formulation useful as a nitrification and urease inhibitor and a method of producing the same
Theft protection system for an automobile and method for initializing the theft protection system
Field emission display with amplification layer
Enhanced DRAM with all reads from on-chip cache and all writers to memory array
Faucet spout
Window well cover