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Method of providing tailor-made software for hospital departments
Vaccine composition against Streptococcus pyogenes
Anti-slip strip for vehicle running boards
Power supply device
Method of manufacturing semiconductor devices using ion implantation
Lubricant composition and antioxident composition
Retransmission and retransmission request in data communication systems
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Capacitor structure
System and method for determining rate of rotation using brushless DC motor
Methods and systems for supporting the production of shipping labels
Image information retrieving device, image database device, image information storing device and recording medium on which a program performed by the image information retrieving device is rec
Range finder for weapons
Video microimaging system
Micro-electro mechanical system using snapping tabs, comb and parallel plate actuation
Films with superior impact resistance and improved catastrophic failure resistance under high strain rate
Modular sun block system
System and method for representing and coding still and moving images