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System and method for oscillator frequency control
Performance metrics processing for anticipating unavailability
Use of endogenous promoters in genetic engineering of Nannochloropsis gaditana
High purity diphenyl sulfone, preparation and use thereof for the preparation of a poly(aryletherketone)
Compositions for inhibiting NADPH oxidase activity
Systems and methods for providing power and data to lighting devices
Control method and allocation structure for flash memory device
  Randomly Featured Patents
Image information processing apparatus for displaying image information obtained by scanning an original document or retrieved from an optical disc memory
Electro-optical directional coupler with three electrodes and alternating dephasing
Inspecting optical masks with electron beam microscopy
Nebulizer with plasma source
Image forming apparatus for forming images with primary and secondary image data
Surgical stapling instruments including a cartridge having multiple staple sizes
Fiber optic data/graphic display screen
Display of active matrix organic light emitting diode and fabricating method
Apparatus for collecting urine sample
Insertion of null packets to mitigate the effects of interference in wireless communications