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Modified polyolefin resin for glass fiber treatment, surface-treated glass fiber, and fiber-reinforced polyolefin resin
System and method for determining payroll related insurance premiums
Preparation and its use of derivatization reagent for detecting L-carnitine or D-carnitine
Error protection for pipeline resources
Reusing data in user run book automation
Lubricating oil compositions
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
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Method and apparatus for launching a spacecraft by use of a recoverable upper rocket stage
Conversion of alphabetic words into a plurality of independent spellings
Control gear for high intensity gas discharge lighting
Roller temperature control method of image forming apparatus and image forming apparatus
Trim-tilt device for marine propulsion unit
Auto-calibrating surround system
Process for forming semi-float axle tubes and the like
Portable electronic device
Treatment of liquids containing complexed heavy metals and complexing agents
Inducing epithelial cell differentiation with dried native fibrillar collagen