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Semiconductor device manufacture in which minimum wiring pitch of connecting portion wiring layer is less than minimum wiring pitch of any other wiring layer
Waterproof wound protector
Control apparatus and control method
Piezoelectric quasi-resonance linear motors based on acoustic standing waves with combined resonator
Probiotic Bifidobacterium strains
Electronic circuit having shared leakage current reduction circuits
Polymer bonded fibrous coating on dipped rubber articles skin contacting external surface
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Apparatus for cleaning the surface of a railway rail
Method and system for collecting information from computer systems based on a trusted relationship
Filter processing system for the output signal of optical time domain reflectometer in the chromatic dispersion distribution measurement apparatus
Acrylic polymer compositions, acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesion tapes and process for producing the same
Projection TV
Dual-slip compressive shrink-proofing apparatus for fabric and related method
Cover for a biological array holder
Isothiocyanate preservatives and methods of their use
Macrocyclic polyaza compounds containing 5 or 6 membered rings, process for producing them and pharmaceutical media containing them
Fluorescent lamp operating device