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Methods of synthesizing heteromultimeric polypeptides in yeast using a haploid mating strategy
Compositions and processes for forming photovoltaic devices
System and method for transferring data in storage controllers
Data paths using a first signal to capture data and a second signal to output data and methods for providing data
Permanent magnet rotor with flux concentrating pole pieces
Drive coil, measurement probe comprising the drive coil and methods utilizing the measurement probe
Automated synchronization of design features in disparate code components using type differencing
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Ballistic laminate structure in sheet form
Instrument for attaching and removing orthodontic elastic bands
Refill apparatus and method
Laser oscillator and filtering method
CMOS image sensor for providing wider dynamic range
Method of implementing energy-saving suspend-to-RAM mode
Semiconductor device having gate electrode and impurity diffusion layer different in conductivity type and method of manufacturing the same
Lettuce cultivar 12-0402033-B
Bimetal resistance welding electrode and method for making
Hinged label holder