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Biodiesel data collection system
Variety corn line LIC7382
Beaconing and superframe structure for millimeter wave wireless technologies
Vending machine
Relative pose estimation of non-overlapping cameras using the motion of subjects in the camera fields of view
Apparatus and methods for inventory, sale, and delivery of digitally transferable goods
Bread basket
  Randomly Featured Patents
Diode element
Bit switch voltage drop compensation during programming in nonvolatile memory
Spectrum based endpointing for chemical mechanical polishing
Blow molded double wall chest with partial fixed top and partial hinged lid
Chair with adjustable seat and backrest
Polyacrylamide precast gels for electrophoresis, process for producing the same and electroporesis method by using the gels
Apparatus for electrostatic coating of objects
Drain valve activator assembly
Device having a voice or manual user interface and process for aiding with learning the voice instructions
Carrier detection circuit and infrared ray remote control receiver