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Antimicrobial flush solutions
Systems and methods for managing policies on a computer
Method of motion correction in optical coherence tomography imaging
Orthogonal tunable antenna array for wireless communication devices
Systems and methods of using dynamic data for wear leveling in solid-state devices
Exposure apparatus, exposure method, and device manufacturing method
Biometric data display system and method
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C-nitroso compounds and use thereof
Document information input apparatus, document information input method, document information input program and recording medium
Computer graphics system having per pixel depth cueing
High speed conditional back bias virtual ground restoration circuit
Water-based ink composition for ball-point pen
Polarity checking apparatus for multi-fiber connectors
Electronic postage meter having a status monitor
Control of audio data of a mobile station in a cellular telecommunication system
Laminated piezoelectric element and process for producing the same
Chrysanthemum plant named Yellow Tan