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Device and method for controlling brightness of organic light emitting diode display
Manufacturing method for semiconductor device carrier and semiconductor package using the same
Systems and related methods of user-guided searching
Wound dressing with a discontinuous contact layer surface
Light irradiation element, image forming structure, and image forming apparatus
Label with surface ornamentation
Detachably integrated battery charger for mobile cell phones and like devices
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Method and apparatus for tension mooring a floating platform
Semiconductor light emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
Latchable relay
Triphendioxazine dyestuffs
Electrode system with disposable gel
Process for treating waste water effluent
Electric component comprising external electrodes and method for the production of an electric component comprising external electrodes
Refiner stator plate having an outer row of teeth slanted to deflect pulp and method for pulp deflection during refining
Cementitious material
Transmission for offroad vehicle