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Efficient location discovery
Soybean cultivar CL1013675
Blow moulding machine with compressed air recycling
Discovery, analysis, and visualization of dependencies
Molded surface of a concrete product
Method and apparatus for complementing an instrument panel by utilizing augmented reality
Distributed IPv6 neighbor discovery for large datacenter switching systems
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Binary multi-code combination sensor
Plants and seeds of hybrid corn variety CH692234
X-ray reflector exhibiting taper, method of making same, narrow band x-ray filters including same, devices including such filters, multispectral x-ray production via unispectral filter, and mu
Fluid power motor with guard cylinder
Electronic relay for calculating the power of a multiphase electric load based on a rectified wave signal and a phase current
Safety for fire arms
Speed indicator device for vehicles
Method of producing concrete
Teak board with straight-line grain and manufacturing process therefor
Absorbent for a gas preservative atomosphere