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Multiple-frequency inversion method and control apparatus for internal combustion engine driven generator
Single integrated circuit configured to operate both a capacitive proximity sensor device and a resistive pointing stick
Compound containing a carbon or an oxygen isotope, preparation and use thereof, and composition comprising thereof
Trimming circuit and semiconductor device
Control method and allocation structure for flash memory device
Method and device for determining a set of frequencies that can be used for transmitting information between radio transceivers of a network operating with frequency hopping
Process for the preparation of protected L-alanine derivatives
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Retainer plug
Detection of epithelial cell cancers and precancerous conditions
Nuclear matrix protein alterations associated with colon cancer and colon metastasis to the liver, and uses thereof
N-substituted-aminomethyl cyclopropyl ketone derivatives or salts thereof and production process therefor
Fluid-gauging systems
Method of and apparatus for supplying multiple instruction strings whose addresses are discontinued by branch instructions
Battery housing for medical scooter
Vehicle air freshener
Sterilized filter and a method for manufacturing the same
Method for dehydrating hydrogen fluoride