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Reaction medium for detecting and/or identifying bacteria of the Legionella genus
Method for controlling operation of a wind turbine
Polyamide compositions
Proton conducting electrolytes with cross-linked copolymer additives for use in fuel cells
Micromachined devices and fabricating the same
Display screen with an animated graphical user interface
Memory component and memory device
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User experienced remote monitoring of a communications network
Mild antibacterial liquid dish cleaning compositions containing peroxide having improved stability and stain removal benefits
Catheter packaging system
Perforating gun automatic release mechanism
Carbonaceous pellets and method of making
Laser glasses with high damage threshold and method of making such glasses
Image forming apparatus and process cartridge comprising a charging member for charging an image bearing member through contact with the image bearing member
Resuming execution of an execution plan in a virtual machine
Compositions, reaction mixtures and methods for detecting nucleic acids from type A1 and/or type C1 human papillomavirus
Sample cylinder, especially a sample cylinder that is provided with a filtration device for recovering cell material from body fluids