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Charging current control method and charging system
Methods and apparatus for power amplifier calibration
Method, device and computer readable medium for determining whether transmission signals are present in received signals
System for highlighting targets on head up displays with near focus plane
Compositions and methods for concentrating and depleting microorganisms
Fabrication of thin pellicle beam splitters
Monitoring of undesirable fluid ingress into subsea control modules
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Non-invasive measuring device with different operating modes
Process for preparing lansoprazole
Apparatus and method for producing and storing heated liquid
Method of coating aluminum substrates with solid adsorbent
Compositions containing wax modifiers
Fixing roll in a copying machine
Radio receiver having a first tuner circuit for receiving signals in a first and a second frequency range, and a second tuner circuit for receiving signals in the first and a third frequency r
Apparatus and method facilitating communication between components of a radio frequency identification system
Recording medium having a substrate containing microscopic pattern of parallel groove and land sections and recording/reproducing equipment therefor
Beta variation cancellation in temperature sensors