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Systems and methods for parameter adaptation
Leadless integrated circuit packaging system and method of manufacture thereof
Contact lens material
Backlight assembly, method for driving backlight assembly, and liquid crystal display having the same
Carbon nanotube fiber spun from wetted ribbon
Methods for processing 2Nx2N block with N being positive integer greater than four under intra-prediction mode and related processing circuits thereof
N-phenyl-(homo)piperazinyl-benzenesulfonyl or benzenesulfonamide compounds suitable for treating disorders that respond to the modulation of the serotonin 5-HT.sub.6 receptor
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Targeting viruses using a modified sindbis glycoprotein
Systems, methods and apparatus of an image receptor arm
Cogeneration system
Method of focusing optical apparatus
Pressurized vapor cycle liquid distillation
Automotive fluid exchange system and method of use
Post exposure modification of critical dimensions in mask fabrication
Method of checking the execution of microcode sequences
Conveyor for treating hollow bodies comprising an advanced pressure distribution circuit
Camera and method having optics and photo detectors which are adjustable with respect to each other