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Assay for the diagnosis of flaviviral infection using antibodies with high affinity for NS1 protein of flavivirusi in hexameric form
Apparatus for providing location information of hand-held device and method thereof
Housing for gas flow indicator
Pill identification and counterfeit detection method
Method and apparatus for detecting and tracking vehicles
Mobile application for calendar sharing and scheduling
Three-dimensional shape data processing apparatus and three-dimensional shape data processing method
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Computer console
System and method for processing tokenless biometric electronic transmissions using an electronic rule module clearinghouse
Camera system including catadioptric lens and catadioptric lens system used therein
Heated roll system for drying printed media
Laser induced film transfer system
Extrusion method
Generator/compactor scan circuit low power adaptor with state machine
Continuous casting installation comprising a soft reduction section
Laser nephelometer for sensing antigens and antibodies characterized in having measuring cell comprised of capiliary tube with the diameter of laser beam
Radiation shield for a portion of a radiation sensitive integrated circuit