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Request routing based on class
Apparatus, method and program for image receipt, processing, conversion, and delivery to and from a plurality of external apparatuses
System for wireless local area network (WLAN) transmission and for coexistence of WLAN and another type of wireless transmission and methods thereof
Device, information processing method, and computer-readable storage medium
Data processing apparatus and data processing method for reducing an uneven color made up of two or more ink colors
Millimeter wave imaging method and system to detect concealed objects
System and method for browsing tabbed-heterogeneous windows
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Propelling cage sabot of composite materials for a subcaliber kinetic energy projectile having a high length to diameter ratio
Biological activation of aromatics for chemical processing and/or upgrading of aromatic compounds, petroleum, coal, resid, bitumen and other petrochemical streams
Method for producing high density sintered silicon nitride (SI.sub.3 N.sub. 4
Redundant tail rotor control system
Pressure compensation unit for use in a pressure sensor
Ultraviolet resistive antireflective coating of Ta.sub.2 O.sub.5 doped with Al.sub.2 O.sub.3 and method of fabrication
Planar sensor element having a solid electrolyte substrate
Shrink wrap with sample holes
Expansible duct seal construction for batch mixers and the like
Method, apparatus and computer program for quantitative bifurcation analysis in 3D using multiple 2D angiographic images