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Method and system for advertisement using internet browser to insert advertisements
Method for automatically estimating inertia in a mechanical system
System and method for controlling device location determination
Method and apparatus for allocating erasure coded data to disk storage
Thiocyanato or isothiocyanato substituted naphthalene diimide and rylene diimide compounds and their use as n-type semiconductors
Video stabilization
System, method, and software for researching, analyzing and comparing expert witnesses
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Control device for an automotive vehicle having an antiskid brake system and differentials
Nitride semiconductor light-emitting devices
Demand-based connection management integrated services access terminal (ISAT) for satellite communications system
Adhesive tape for temporary-attachment of green sheets for ceramic electronic devices and method for producing ceramic electronic devices
Method for fabricating capacitor of semiconductor device
Method and system for portioning workpieces to directly-controlled and indirectly-controlled specifications
Method for connection acceptance control and optimal multi-media content delivery over networks
Method for controlling discharge of steel from a casting ladle
Phase-locked loop circuit
DC-DC converter, method for controlling DC-DC converter, and electronic device