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Combination of the application of antibodies for immunostimulation together with glucocorticoids
System and method for providing restrictions on the location of peer subnet manager (SM) instances in an infiniband (IB) network
Network fault detection
Elementary network description for efficient link between neuronal models and neuromorphic systems
Assay for the diagnosis of flaviviral infection using antibodies with high affinity for NS1 protein of flavivirusi in hexameric form
Managing wear leveling and garbage collection operations in a solid-state memory using linked lists
Expressive grouping for language integrated queries
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Air freshener or similar article
Method for using acoustic shock waves in the treatment of medical conditions
Current sensing differential amplifier with high rejection of power supply variations and method for an integrated circuit memory device
Process for preparing 1-alkyl-5-nitroimidazoles
Method for preparing polymeric membranes in-situ and an apparatus for performing this process
Integrated programmable bit circuit using single-level poly construction
Partially divided turbine housing for turbochargers and the like
Insulated carbon dioxide absorption system
Multi-path data dissemination method for magnetic diffusion wireless network and system thereof
Methods and apparatus for power state based backup