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Epitaxial substrate for electronic device, in which current flows in lateral direction and method of producing the same
Apparatus for transmitting and receiving data in a wireless communication system and method thereof
Polarization-coupled ferroelectric unipolar junction memory and energy storage device
Tomlinson Harashima precoding with additional receiver processing in a multi-user multiple-input multiple-output wireless transmission system
Systems and methods for flow mirroring with network-scoped connection-oriented sink
Method and apparatus for storing email messages
System and method for efficient association of a power outlet and device
  Randomly Featured Patents
Method and apparatus for compensating for device dynamics in inverter based control systems
Replacement oil filter assembly
Apparatus for adjusting the attitude of construction equipment
Air base
Flocculants and processes for their preparation
Voltage generator for a semiconductor integrated circuit
Biological diagnostic assay system
Automatic generation of portlets for visualizing data by exploiting object relationships
Sulfonamide derivatives, preparation thereof and use thereof as antagonists of orexin 2 receptors
Process for preparing hypoallergenic and reduced fat foods