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Display apparatus
System and methods for weak authentication data reinforcement
Query optimization with awareness of limited resource usage
Transmission apparatus and network protection method
System and method for managing self-refresh in a multi-rank memory
Extensible, filtered lists for mobile device user interface
Method for measuring and improving organization effectiveness
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Image display apparatus and method using halftone super cells
Facilitating hepatitus virus infection in cell culture using a membrane stressor
Modular guide systems and related rasps and methods for resecting a joint articulation surface
Method and apparatus for sensing strain in a waveguide
Aquatic dumbell
Livestock feed scraper
Binder composition for foundry sand molds
Ethylbenzene conversion and xylene isomerization processes and catalysts therefor
Aerostatic airbearing
Method for making deep trench capacitors for DRAMs with reduced faceting at the substrate edge and providing a more uniform pad Si3N4layer across the substrate