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Radio communication system, base station apparatus, terminal apparatus, and radio communication method for radio communication system
Power consumption management in a MIMO transceiver and method for use therewith
Method for the treatment, alleviation of symptoms of, relieving, improving and preventing a cognitive disease, disorder or condition
Multi display device and method of controlling the same
Key management policies for cryptographic keys
Semiconductor device
LED illumination systems
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Music purchasing and playing system and method
High speed transition signalling communication system
Thiochromenone derivatives as antidotes, and herbicides containing them
Method and apparatus for the simultaneous transmission of separate data signals
Interative decoder
Transient optical state change materials useful in copy-protected compact discs
Method and apparatus for controlling CMP pad surface finish
Color image forming apparatus
Production of an inert blanket in a furnace
Arrangement for wideband transmission via a switched network