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Antimony and germanium complexes useful for CVD/ALD of metal thin films
Monitoring heap in real-time by a mobile agent to assess performance of virtual machine
Analysis, secure access to, and transmission of array images
Monitoring agent programs in a distributed computing platform
Method of targeting hydrophobic drugs to vascular lesions
Plasmon generator includes three metal layers for thermally-assisted magnetic recording
Electromagnetic bandgap structure and printed circuit board
  Randomly Featured Patents
Aluminum mask anodization with lift-off for patterning Josephson junction devices
Golf club head
Method for producing a semiconductor device and corresponding semiconductor device
Cellular phone
Power saving method in wireless LAN system for permitting terminal station to promptly transition to doze state by transmitting empty data frame
Primer compositions
Large blow moldings made from polyethylene
Plastic base
Low power consumption plasma display panel
Labeling machine capable of detection of defective products and removal of the defective products at a take-out end of a conveying unit thereof