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Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Authenticating and off-loading IPTV operations from mobile devices to fixed rendering viewing devices
System and method for access of user accounts on remote servers
Formation of a masking layer on a dielectric region to facilitate formation of a capping layer on electrically conductive regions separated by the dielectric region
Light emitting device power supply circuit, and light emitting device driver circuit and control method thereof
Apparatus for merging spatial audio streams
Polypeptide microparticles
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Lower body construction
System and method for railroad track tie plate orientation
System and method for controlling and securitizing the cash value growth and/or death benefits of a large pool of insurance policies
Visual acuity unit for treatment of amblypia
Vending apparatus
Method and apparatus for orienting wood strands into parallelism
Cancel mechanism of turn indicator
Package for light emitting diode
Peptides and compounds that bind to the IL-5 receptor
Igniter for a projectile which is fired from a barrel with angular momentum