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Optical writer and image forming apparatus including same
Hair motion compositor system for use in a hair/fur pipeline
Apparatus and method for foreground detection
Combination of a microorganism and a phytosphingosine derivative, composition, methods of use
Method and apparatus for providing auto-completion of information
High-resolution ranging and location finding using multicarrier signals
Information processing apparatus, including updating of program and program information, and method of updating program of the information processing apparatus
  Randomly Featured Patents
Vehicle having speed control unit
System, method, and computer program product for providing and incremental retrieval adaptor
Plunger arrangement for retaining glass/screen inserts in frames
Device for identifying and sorting objects
Stacking chair
Drive bogie for a crawler vehicle and a crawler mat for use therewith
Computer mouse
Magneto-plasma-dynamic generator and method of operating the generator
Switchable wide band receiver front end for a multiband receiver
Travelling wave tube arrangements