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Horizontal cable manager
Transaction cost recovery queue management
White polyester film and surface light source therewith
System and method for interactive image-based modeling of curved surfaces using single-view and multi-view feature curves
Method for configuring analog-to-digital converter keys and non-transitory machine readable medium storing program code executed for performing such method
Flavonoid dimers and methods of making and using such
Coated article and method for making the same
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Miniature flow-through cuvette and spectrophotometer containing the same
Thin film magnetic head for equalizing outputs of a two-channel tracking device
Device for fastening an excitation element in a metal waveguide of an antenna and for electrically connecting the same to a coaxial line arranged outside the waveguide
Dual-access monopole antenna assembly
Infrared laser catheter system
Piperazine based cytofectins
Bypass valve with an integral flow sensor for a water treatment system
Wildlife feeding device
Bypass mechanism for a hydraulic drive apparatus
Plug flow anaerobic digester