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System and method for optimizing teams
Parallel power inverter motor drive system
Systems and methods for generating a hybrid text string from two or more text strings generated by multiple automated speech recognition systems
Multiple-frequency inversion method and control apparatus for internal combustion engine driven generator
Pharmaceutical compositions of entacapone, levodopa and carbidopa with improved bioavailability
Fusing apparatus and image forming apparatus provided with the same, and heating apparatus
Process for the production of an acylation catalyst
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Console for a drain, flush, and fill machine
Broadband multifunction airborne radar device with a wide angular coverage for detection and tracking, notably for a sense-and-avoid function
Video signal recording and playback apparatus having varied-speed playback capability
Liquid crystal medium
Method and device for monitoring thermal stress
Thermosetting compositions comprising conjugated diene polymers having pendant unsaturated groups and calcium carbonate
Combined iron and steam generator
Alicyclic diamines, alicyclic diisocyanates and polyisocyanato-isocyanurates and method for the preparation thereof
Thin film transistor array panel