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System and method for netbackup data decryption in a high latency low bandwidth environment
Methods and apparatus for clock signal synchronization in a configuration of series connected semiconductor devices
Disk-based storage device having read channel memory that is selectively accessible to disk controller
Composition comprising a mixture of dextro- and levo-amphetamines complexed with ion-exchange resin particles to form drug resin particles
Prompt gap varying optical filter, analytical instrument, optical device, and characteristic measurement method
Vanadium, cobalt and strontium additives for use in aluminum back solar cell contacts
Superagonistic anti-CD28 antibodies
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Thin film metal oxyanion coated substrates
Method for forming a plug metal layer
Production of high tenacity graphitic fibrous materials
Load control circuit and method for achieving reduced acoustic noise
Connector, printed circuit board, connecting device connecting them, and method of testing electronic part, using them
Methods and apparatus for ion sources, ion control and ion measurement for macromolecules
Plant for concentration of tomato juice
Flexible hardware architecture for ECC/HECC based cryptography
Heddle shaft with novel corner connector
Imprint lithography utilizing room temperature embossing