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Method of treating lung cancer
Compact bus bar assembly, switching device and power distribution system
Curable sublimation marking material and sublimation transfer process using same
Pattern forming method using printing device and method of manufacturing liquid crystal display device using the same
Ink, ink jet recording method, ink cartridge, and ink jet recording apparatus
Optical packet signal transmission device and WDM optical communication network
Optical disc drive having a tray for loading a disc using supporting portions
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Side seam soldering machine with means for protecting pre-striping
Control signal transmitting and receiving techniques for video/audio processing IC and apparatus therefor
Grating fabrication using electron beam lithography
Television receiving method and television receiver
Bicycle gear changer
Analytical instrument
Diaryl substituted thiazoles useful in the treatment of fungal infections
Microelectromechanical apparatus for elevating and tilting a platform
Device for communication between a vehicle and one of its wheels
Microstrip antennas and multiple radiator array antennas