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Systems and methods for dissipating an electric charge while insulating a structure
Powerline communication device with load characterization functionality
Systems and methods for mitigating spectral regrowth from non-linear systems
Technique for effectively providing program material in a cable television system
Imaging device, method and computer readable medium
Face recognition through face building from two or more partial face images from the same face
Buckle (tube)
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Dual-energy x-ray detector providing spatial and temporal interpolation
Method and system for controlling a modulating air conditioning system
Topology independent storage arrays and methods
Mixtures of matrix materials and organic semiconductors capable of emission, use of the same and electronic components containing said mixtures
Automated blackjack table
Systems and methods for accelerated loading of operating systems and application programs
Ink ribbon cartridge
Vacuum hose manipulator tool
African violet plant named Little Moonstone
Calcium dietary supplement