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Apparatus for restoring setting information of a board management controller from a backup memory before loading an OS when a system board is replaced
Quinazoline compounds and their use in perfume compositions
Cellulose derivative and hydrogel thereof
Stock analysis method, computer program product, and computer-readable recording medium
Code conversion apparatus, code conversion method, and computer product
Dynamic reconstruction of a calibration state of an absorption spectrometer
Avalanche photodiodes having accurate and reproductible amplification layer
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Method and apparatus for operation of a power station
Magnesium chloride-alcohol carrier and olefin polymerization catalyst components made from the same
Method for the electrochemical deposition of REBa.sub.2 Cu.sub.3 O.sub.7-x superconductors
Arrangement for radiation generation by means of a gas discharge
Compartment for maintaining a clean production environment
Film transport apparatus for a motion picture camera or projector
Sulfosuccinate emulsifiers
Air cooling device
Rotary joint having air bearings for contact free mounting
Methods for protecting data signals which are being transmitted via optical conductors