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Image processing system, image processing apparatus, control method for image processing apparatus, and storage medium
Isolated nucleic acid molecule encoding an antibody that reduces GDF-8 activity
Wireless monitoring in process applications
System and method for generating profile morphing using cephalometric tracing data
Automatic adjustment of devices in a home entertainment system
Switchable memory diodes based on ferroelectric/conjugated polymer heterostructures and/or their composites
Digital X-ray detector arrangement and digital X-ray imaging method
  Randomly Featured Patents
Video signal recording and reproducing apparatus using signal modification to remove jitter
Memory architecture for parallel data access along any given dimension of an n-dimensional rectangular data array
Apparatus and method for providing network information
System, method, and computer program product for applying different transport mechanisms for user interface and image portions of a remotely rendered image
Method for forming a bipolar transistor stabilized with electrical insulating elements
Process for generation of acid and for imaging, and imaging medium for use therein
Hazardous flowable waste sanitizing and remediating process and apparatus
Method of manufacturing a coil of a continuous flexible object and enveloping the coil to form a parcel
Managing hierarchically organized subscriber profiles
Clamping arrangement for gripping and carrying web material