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Method of hydrothermal liquid phase sintering of ceramic materials and products derived therefrom
System and method of detecting and locating intermittent and other faults
Device for determining the absolute angular position of the steering wheel of an electric power-assisted steering column of a motor vehicle using weighted dynamic parameters of the vehicle
Message value indicator
Integrated bug tracking and testing
System and method for creating, managing and trading hedge portfolios
Motor device and method of manufacturing the same
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Nuclear magnetic resonance imaging in space and frequency coordinates
Automatically identifying an optimal set of attributes to facilitate generating best practices for configuring a networked system
Heat roller fixing device divided into first and second frames and with positioning members of the first frame
6,7-Methylenedioxy-isochromane arthropodicide synergizing agents
Methods and systems for producing ethanol using raw starch and selecting plant material
Coiled tubing wellbore cleanout
Water distillation apparatus
Air handling system with self balancing air entrance door
Pyrotechnic ignition device