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Tri-material dual-species neutron spectrometer
Data processing system, data processing method, and image forming apparatus
Bioactive agent-loaded heart-targeting nanoparticles
Dynamic rebasing of persisted time information
Method and system for billing based on color component histograms
System and method for configuring a direct lift control system of a vehicle
Off-loading of processing from a processor blade to storage blades based on processing activity, availability of cache, and other status indicators
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Method of manufacturing semiconductor device, semiconductor equipment and manufacturing system
Impact extrusion molded article, and impact extrusion molding method, and an impact extrusion molding apparatus
Real-time kinematic integrity estimator and monitor
Coffee bean roaster
Handy dandy
Front loading disc player
Composite panels and methods of making composite panels
Hydrocarbon conversion with a sulfided acidic multimetallic catalytic composite
Flex on suspension design minimizing sensitivities to environmental stresses
Wind turbine braking device and method of use damping drivetrain oscillation