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5-phenyl-pentanoic acid derivatives as matrix metalloproteinase inhibitors for the treatment of asthma and other diseases
Methods for measuring media performance associated with adjacent track interference
Wafer level package and fabrication method
Wireless communications apparatus and wireless communications method
Charge pump and method of biasing deep N-well in charge pump
System and method for the analysis of biodiesel
Use of cocoa extract
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Detection and differentiation of specific strains of citrus tristeza virus
Self-regulating, no load protected electronic ballast system
Charged particle beam scanning method and charged particle beam apparatus
Method for the preparation of a triorganosilylated 2,3-unsaturated alcohol
Ergonomical massaging pillow
Light emitting diode package having multi-stepped reflecting surface structure and fabrication method thereof
Optical accessory for use with spectacles
Sustained-release matrices for dental application
Electromagnetic wave absorber, manufacturing method thereof and electromagnetic wave anechoic room
I-bed for cooperating personal electronic device