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Hybrid interconnect scheme including aluminum metal line in low-k dielectric
Servomotor control circuit
System, method and computer program product for sharing a single instance of a database stored using a tenant of a multi-tenant on-demand database system
Digital broadcast receiver and method for processing caption thereof
Secondary battery pack including insulative mounting member into which PCM is inserted in lateral direction
Method for enhanced subsurface electromagnetic sensitivity
Preparation and its use of derivatization reagent for detecting L-carnitine or D-carnitine
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System for loading particulate matter into a transport container
Energy suppressors
High slew rate differential amplifier circuit
Anaerobically curable sealing composition containing (A) acrylate derivative of bisphenol A and (B) hydroxyacrylate
Sheet dispensers
Variable displacement piston machine with a sensor
Pressure-sensitive transfer correction tape
Fuel injection control system for electromagnetic valve-controlled fuel injection pump of diesel engine
Bank note sorter
Method for eliminating internal reflection of range finding system and range finding system applying the same