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  Recently Added Patents
Intelligent sensor network
Asynchronous line interface rate adaptation to the physical layer with synchronous lines at the connection layer
Secure Flash-based memory system with fast wipe feature
Scalable header extension
Non-intrusive processor tracing
Distributed IP-PBX signal processing
Expressive grouping for language integrated queries
  Randomly Featured Patents
Method for finding a most likely matching of a target facial image in a data base of facial images
Method and system for managing the initiation of new traffic in a resource limited communication system
Methods, system and mobile device capable of enabling credit card personalization using a wireless network
Ground cover cutter
Computing system adapter card for supporting legacy and plug and play configurations
Integrated footwear sanitizing and deodorizing system
Method for insuring data integrity for mirrored independently accessible memory devices
Electric discharge machine automatic relay control
Circuit for compensating waveform shaping error
Cryptographic module selecting device and program