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Biaxially oriented hydrolysis-stable polyester film comprising epoxidized fatty acid derivatives and a chain extender, and process for production thereof and use thereof
Method and system of channel detecting and reporting, terminal, and management center
Device and method for processing input data of protective relay
High-efficiency preambles for communications systems over pseudo-stationary communication channels
Profile-based user access to a network management system
Erasing a non-volatile memory (NVM) system having error correction code (ECC)
Representations of compressed video
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Furnace for the electro-thermal atomization of samples for spectroscopical purposes
Erbium-doped fiber amplifiers with desired gain-bandwidth characteristics
Processor for endoscope
Self-steering apparatus for sailboats
Attribute-based navigation of items
Method and system for determining segment types in figure represented by straight short vectors
Measuring device
Auto-ranging attenuators for read channels
Impact-protecting wall guard
Image-providing apparatus and control method thereof, printing apparatus and control method thereof, and printing system