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Method of transmitting and receiving wireless resource information
DFPase enzymes from Aplysia californica
Performance apparatus and electronic musical instrument
Storage system comprising multiple microprocessors and method for sharing processing in this storage system
Method for producing male sterile plants using plant beclin 1/ATG6 expression
Push mechanism for efficiently sending aggregated data items to client
Battery comprising circuitry for charge and discharge control, and method of operating a battery
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Method for producing bleach activator granules
Dispenser package for viscous fluids
Information processing apparatus and method, information processing system and program providing medium
Thin film magnetic memory device selecting access to a memory cell by a transistor of a small gate capacitance
Disk cartridge and adapter
Micromachined lysing device and method for performing cell lysis
Axial flow combine
Semiconductor memory device operating with a lower voltage for peripheral area in power saving mode
Power saving system for a disk sensor in rotating disk data storage apparatus
Subscriber unit capable of switching between full-duplex and half-duplex modes during an on-going session