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System and method for outputting virtual textures in electronic devices
System and method for removing oxide from a sensor clip assembly
Family of pain producing substances and methods to produce novel analgesic drugs
Resolution setting apparatus, resolution setting method, and recording medium recording a resolution setting program when a television is used as a monitor of a computer
Architectural panel with bamboo rings light density embossed surface
Automatic misalignment balancing scheme for multi-patterning technology
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LCD apparatus having insulating layer with increased thickness over and in the same direction as data line with pixel electrodes overlapping top surface thereof to prevent light leakage
Method for producing porous diamond
Multi-profile interface specific network security policies
Multiplex selection technique for identifying protein-binding sites and DNA-binding proteins
LED lamp device and method to retrofit a lighting fixture
Email client for a portable multifunction device
Amplifier circuit
Alkali metal mercaptide solvent extraction of cobalt, nickel
Pay-for-visit advertising based on visits to physical locations
Image processing apparatus and method