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Nickel-cobalt-manganese multi-element lithium ion battery cathode material with dopants and its methods of preparation
Organic metal complex and its use in organic electroluminescent device
ESD protection circuit and ESD protection device thereof
Reserving a time block in a calendar application to account for a travel time between geographic locations of appointments
Near-field transducers for focusing light
Using network labels without standard-defined syntax and semantics
Semiconductor device
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Calibration of non-vibrating contact potential difference measurements to detect surface variations that are perpendicular to the direction of sensor motion
3-Diazine substituted benzothiadiazines
Propulsion nozzle for gas turbine engine
Transflective liquid crystal display device and method of manufacturing the same
Ophthalmic apparatus with a lighting and/or beam therapy ray whose surface intensity distribution can be regulated and device with such an apparatus for eye treatment
Selective organ cooling apparatus and method
Flange of a fuel delivery module and fuel delivery module
Noncorrective prism compensating lens and eyeglass provided with said lens
Conductive organic thin film, method for manufacturing the same, and electronic device, electric cable, electrode, pyrrolyl compound, and thienyl compound using the same
Noble metal-containing titanosilicate material and its preparation method