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Apparatus for restoring setting information of a board management controller from a backup memory before loading an OS when a system board is replaced
Digital photographing apparatus and control method for evaluating validity of an auto-focus operation
ESD protection circuit and ESD protection device thereof
Light-emitting device with a spacer at bottom surface
Retransmission control method, base station and mobile station
Biomarker for Barrett's Oesophagus
Feedback method and processing system for policy installation failures
  Randomly Featured Patents
Method of displaying images with a touchpanel for a molded form-take out robot
Caster wheel having integrated braking means
Method for forming crystal article
Multiple vial universal flange level assembly for flanged pipes and the like
Thermoplastic materials
Rotational viscometer for high-pressure high-temperature fluids
Method and apparatus for determining organic carbon in sulfureous compounds
O-alkyl-O-[4-lepidin(6)yl]-(thiono)(thiol) phosphoric (phosphonic) acid esters and arthropodicidal compositions thereof
Light-emitting diode and a method for its manufacture
Inter-battery connection device