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System for alarming upon occurrence of secession of smart key for vehicles
Apparatus and method for adapted deblocking filtering strength
5-HT.sub.3 receptor modulators, methods of making, and use thereof
Electric vehicle charging station parking meter systems
Use of a high-oleic and high-tocol diet in combination with a non-tocol antioxidant for improving animal meat quality
Interactivity model for shared feedback on mobile devices
Modular connector for touch sensitive device
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Methods for enhancing segregation of transgenes in plants and compositions thereof
Process for the hydrogenation of nitrated paraffins using a palladium on carbon catalyst characterized by a low ash and a low halide content
Calcitonin suppository formulations
Zoom lens
N-(8-heteroaryltetrahydronaphtalene-2yl) or N-(5-heteroarylchromane-3-yl) carboxamide derivatives for the treatment of pain
Air turbine starter having a dual clutch
Global listings format (GLF) for multimedia programming content and electronic program guide (EPG) information
Information processing apparatus and control method thereof, and computer-readable storage medium
Modular point of sale terminal
Decoder circuit for a semiconductor memory device