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Control service for relational data management
Image forming apparatus and method for making density correction in a low resolution image based on edge determination
Philanthropy management apparatus, system, and methods of use and doing business
Systems and methods for determining muscle force through dynamic gain optimization of a muscle PID controller for designing a replacement prosthetic joint
Accessing device via communication protocol selection
Detection of procedural deficiency across multiple business applications
System and method for document orientation detection
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Lipolysis stimulator
Method for treating wash water originating from the washing of sugar beets
Mounting apparatus for side panel of computer
Scoreboard in the form of an emblem
Strut bar
Laser cutting tool for cutting elongated hollow workpieces
Floating electrode assembly and automated system and method for welding projection weld nuts
Swing chair
3 in 1 fanniflap pack
Engine warm-up of a homogeneous charge compression ignition engine