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Low latency interrupt collector
Method of fabricating CIGS by selenization at high temperature
Method and system for using personal devices for authentication and service access at service outlets
Center spreader adapter tool for toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls that do not have inner cardboard tubes
Phase-amplitude 3-D stereo encoder and decoder
String changing tool with a quick connector assembly and worm gear string cutter
Automatic pill dispenser
  Randomly Featured Patents
Methods of making polyhydroxyalkanoate using biosynthesis genes from alcaligenes latus
Efficient signal transmission methods and apparatus using a shared transmission resource
Processor scheduling method for iterative loops
Multiple channel data bus routing switching including parity generation capabilities
Management of applicative streams in mobile networks
Apparatus for detection of surface contaminations on silicon wafers
Semiconductor memory, operating method of semiconductor memory, memory controller, and system
Tunable segmented ring magnet and method of manufacture
Novel expandable particles of a styrene polymer and process for preparing the same
Saw equipment