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Interferer region identification using image processing
Power saving methods for wireless systems
Gearbox housing
Data processing apparatus, activation control method, and computer-readable storage medium
Biomarker for Barrett's Oesophagus
System for determining potential lot consolidation during manufacturing
Stopper, motor, and disk drive apparatus
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Continuous dielectrophoretic cell classification method
System for transmitting data using wavelength division multiplexing
Low profile multiple bearing block fairlead
Method and apparatus for controlling transmission system
Oscillator formed of high frequency resonators and method of generating high frequency oscillator signal having reduced vibration sensitivity and phase noise and improved loop group delay
Developing method and apparatus using application of first and second alternating bias voltages for latent image end portions and tone gradation, respectively
Coupling structure and method
Method of replicating a crankshaft position signal
System and method for musical instruction
Duct tape having a non-depositing adhesive