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Polymer bonded fibrous coating on dipped rubber articles skin contacting external surface
Method and apparatus for controlling a multi-node process
Liquid crystal display device
Process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Method for increasing expression of active tumor necrosis factor receptor family member-Ig fusion proteins
Method of patterning color conversion layer and method of manufacturing organic EL display using the patterning method
Method for manufacturing a turbine engine vane
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Auger for self-propelled snow removing machine
Method of making a merged magnetic head that includes a write head with single-sided notched first pole piece
Substrate processing apparatus
Multilayer thin film metallurgy for pin brazing
Scroll compressor with rotary discharge valve
Method of making leatherlike materials (A)
Device for forming a compound oxide superconducting thin film
Solar thermal system for the partial desalination of seawater and electrical energy
Integrated processing of natural gas into liquid products
Proximity sensor system having a proximity sensor with a bipolar signal output