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LO generation with deskewed input oscillator signal
Regenerative braking control to mitigate powertrain oscillation
Integrated multi-sat LNB and frequency translation module
Elastic wave device having a capacitive electrode on the piezoelectric substrate
Coupling device having piercing member
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device and semiconductor device
Solar energy converter with improved photovoltaic efficiency, frequency conversion and thermal management permitting super highly concentrated collection
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Electronic parts mounting device
Receiving apparatus, electromagnetic wave timepiece, receiving module and receiving method
Optical system and method for illumination of reflective spatial light modulators in maskless lithography
Body surfboard with added flotation
Shrink labels of oriented polystyrene film containing small rubber particles and low rubber particle gel content and block copolymers
Dendritic macomolecule and a process for the preparation thereof
Writing instrument with barrel and ferrule assembly
Process for preparing mold
Tortilla forming machine
Cryptographic device employing parallel processing