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(Meth)acrylic resin composition, imidized (meth)acrylic resin composition, and film obtained by molding them
Vacuum switch and electrode assembly therefor
Client-managed group communication sessions within a wireless communications system
Blended block copolymer composition
Method for treating wounds for mammals, wound healer compound, and method of manufacturing thereof
Method for cutting C--Mn steel with a fiber laser
Dynamic report mapping apparatus to physical data source when creating report definitions for information technology service management reporting for peruse of report definition transparency a
  Randomly Featured Patents
Ensuring quality of a video stream through a telecommunications network
Point of sale display for doorbell
ATM switching system supporting N-ISDN traffic and method for controlling the same
Printer accessory
Method of bump bonding and sealing an accelerometer chip onto an integrated circuit chip
Toe binding for skis
Variable speed fan motor control for forced air heating/cooling system
Ink wiping system for a printing machine
Separation of monoolefins from other monoolefins
Specimen preparation apparatus, specimen preparation/analysis system and specimen plate