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Method for sending status information in mobile telecommunications system and receiver of mobile telecommunications
Storage apparatus and storage apparatus management method performing data I/O processing using a plurality of microprocessors
Method and system for streaming digital video content to a client in a digital video network
Resist underlayer film forming composition for lithography, containing aromatic fused ring-containing resin
Method and system for migrating object update messages through synchronous data propagation
Sitagliptin intermediate compounds, preparation methods and uses thereof
Neurostimulation system
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Strain relief cover for a barrel terminal
Production of ultra-hard particles
System and apparatus for contour plotting the total luminescence spectrum of a sample
Method for providing a selective reference layer isolation technique for the production of printed circuit boards
Compact transmitter apparatus
Sugar mobilizing and insect combatting fertilizer composition and use
Method for laser cutting tubing using inert gas and a disposable mask
Process of producing magnesium ammonium phosphate in monohydrate form (dittmarite)
ATM over MPLS connection establishment mechanism
Method for producing secretable glycosyltransferases and other golgi processing enzymes