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Materials and methods for synthesis of a flavor and aroma volatile in plants
Photon density wave based determination of physiological blood parameters
Tablet computer
Handheld electronic communication device having sliding display
Accessing a base station
Semiconductor device having a first conductive member connecting a chip to a wiring board pad and a second conductive member connecting the wiring board pad to a land on an insulator covering
Substrate and patterning device for use in metrology, metrology method and device manufacturing method
  Randomly Featured Patents
Connector construction
EPROM package and method of optically erasing
Steel laminate gasket
Rail trackway fitted with braking devices
Picking operation control method and controller for carrying out same
Device for removing moisture from textile webs
Thiazolylidene-oxo-propionitrile salts and insecticidal compositions containing these salts
Method and structure for packaging a high efficiency electro-optics device
Apparatus and method for mounting a motherboard to a computer chassis
Wire guide device for a wire electrodischarge machine