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MRAM with sidewall protection and method of fabrication
Measuring current and resistance using combined diodes/resistor structure to monitor integrated circuit manufacturing process variations
Extensible, filtered lists for mobile device user interface
Methods and apparatus for deactivating internal constraint curves when inflating an N-sided patch
Electrophoresis display having touch screen and method for driving the touch screen
Disk drive increasing capacity by adjusting a servo gate during write operations
Method and system to generate finite state grammars using sample phrases
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Vehicle drag reducer
Method of making a master tool
Techniques for sharing persistently stored query results between multiple users
Optical interconnect for high speed processor
At-cut crystal resonator
Geranium plant named Fiscab
Method of reaction with soluble metallic catalyst and anion-exchange resin, method of recovering the soluble metallic catalyst, and method of reuse
Processing thin wafers
Glassware machine
High performance balloon catheter/component