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Near-field optical disk having surface plasmon amplification by stimulated emission of radiation
Atmospheric treater with roller confined discharge chamber
Apparatus for preventing overcharge of a battery
Photovoltaic system with integrated photovoltaic panel and battery
Article based on a composition containing a crosslinked blend of elastomers
Highly specialized application protocol for email and SMS and message notification handling and display
Query optimization with awareness of limited resource usage
  Randomly Featured Patents
System and method for pinning tabs in a tabbed browser
Lubricant powder for powder metallurgy
Uniform field magnetization and targeting of therapeutic formulations
Apparatus and methods for spinal implant with variable link mechanism
System for intellectual property reuse in integrated circuit design
Pole framing apparatus
Tooth transmission member utilizing pivotally interconnected preforms
Dual track transfer system and a transfer car for use therewith
Semiconductor memory device having L-shaped cell blocks arranged in diagonal direction intersecting the horizontal and vertical directions
Automatic dairy animal milker unit backflusher and teat dip applicator system and method