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Class Information
Number: PLT/311
Name: Plants > Herbaceous oranamental flowering plant (e.g., nicotiana, tritoma, delphinium, dicentra, lobelia, nasturtium, etc.) > Orchid
Description: Plant which belongs to the family Orchidaceae.

Patents under this class:
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
PP24396 Phalaenopsis plant named `SUPHAL1203` Apr. 22, 2014
PP24376 Phalaenopsis plant named `SUPHAL1109` Apr. 8, 2014
PP24364 Phalaenopsis orchid plant named `Troubadour` Apr. 1, 2014
PP24365 Phalaenopsis orchid plant named `Humming Bird` Apr. 1, 2014
PP24366 Phalaenopsis orchid plant named `Brunello` Apr. 1, 2014
PP24346 Phalaenopsis orchid plant named `Dame Blanche` Mar. 25, 2014
PP24319 Phalaenopsis orchid plant named `Baby Seal` Mar. 18, 2014
PP24216 Epidendrum plant named `Big Red` Feb. 4, 2014
PP23701 Phalaenopsis orchid plant named `Pacific Point` Jul. 2, 2013
PP23700 Phalaenopsis Orchid plant named `Confidence` Jul. 2, 2013
PP23677 Phalaenopsis orchid plant named `Feeling Groovy` Jun. 18, 2013
PP23344 Vanda plant named `SPCDW0901` Jan. 22, 2013
PP23343 Vanda plant named `SPCDW0902` Jan. 22, 2013
PP22090 Phalaenopsis plant named `Taida Little Zebra` Aug. 23, 2011
PP21422 Phalaenopsis plant named `P.Ho's Colourful Bubbles` Oct. 26, 2010
PP21228 Orchid plant Oncidium Heaven Scent `Sweet Baby` Aug. 24, 2010
PP20637 Doritaenopsis plant named `Moon N12` Jan. 12, 2010
PP20439 Exotic orchid `golden gambol` Oct. 27, 2009
PP20442 Beallara big shot `Hilo Sparkle` Oct. 27, 2009
PP20383 Phalaenopsis plant named `SOGO F1582` Oct. 6, 2009
PP20361 Doritaenopsis plant named `SOGO F977` Sep. 29, 2009
PP20328 Doritaenopsis plant named `SOGO F2451` Sep. 22, 2009
PP20277 Phalaenopsis plant named `SOGO F1982` Sep. 8, 2009
PP20240 Doritaenopsis plant named `SOGO F1548` Sep. 1, 2009
PP20235 EXOTIC ORCHID `White Knight` Aug. 25, 2009
PP20199 Phalaenopsis plant named `Sunrise Crystal` Aug. 4, 2009
PP20035 Doritaenopsis plant named `SOGO F1661` May. 26, 2009
PP19906 Phalaenopsis plant named `Queen V6` Apr. 14, 2009
PP19886 Doritaenopsis plant named `Sogo Linluo` Apr. 7, 2009
PP19878 Orchid plant named `Kate` Mar. 31, 2009
PP19837 Doritaenopsis plant named `SOGO F1016` Mar. 17, 2009
PP19773 Dendrobium plant named `SPCDW0602` Feb. 24, 2009
PP19778 Phalaenopis plant named `Ikaria` Feb. 24, 2009
PP19162 .times.Wilsonara Red Pacific plant named `Deep Shadows` Aug. 26, 2008
7405181 Bio-fertilizer composition for promoting growth or orchid plants and application Jul. 29, 2008
PP17270 Phalaenopsis plant named `Atlantis` Dec. 12, 2006
PP16746 Dendrobium plant named `YFY-HS1` Jul. 4, 2006
PP16727 Dendrobium plant named `White Anna` Jun. 27, 2006
PP16163 Ionocidium orchid plant named `Haruri` Dec. 13, 2005
PP15806 Oncidium Sweet Ears `The OrchidWorks` Jun. 28, 2005
PP14352 Phalaenopsis plant named `Exotic Ruby` Dec. 9, 2003
PP14330 Phalaenopsis plant named `Exotic Lady` Dec. 2, 2003
PP14327 Phalaenopsis plant named `Exotic Beauty` Dec. 2, 2003
PP14331 Phalaenopsis plant named `Exotic Flame` Dec. 2, 2003
PP14328 Phalaenopsis plant named `Exotic Moon` Dec. 2, 2003
PP14329 Phalaenopsis plant named `Exotic Wonder` Dec. 2, 2003
PP14295 Phalaenopsis plant named `Isis` Nov. 11, 2003
PP14266 Phalaenopsis plant named `Osiris` Nov. 4, 2003
PP14265 Phalaenopsis plant named `Exotic Fire` Nov. 4, 2003
PP13562 Dendrobium plant named Stardust `Firebird` Feb. 18, 2003

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