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Class Information
Number: D3/10
Name: Travel goods and personal belongings > Umbrella or parasol, walking support > Element or attachment
Description: Design for parts or accessory-type attachments for umbrella, parasol, or walking support.

Sub-classes under this class:

Class Number Class Name Patents
D3/11 Carrying case or sleeve 40
D3/12 Handle 114
D3/17 Tip or ferrule 33

Patents under this class:
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D702037 Umbrella with solar panels Apr. 8, 2014
D700772 Umbrella cap Mar. 11, 2014
D698143 Crutch bag Jan. 28, 2014
D697705 Umbrella base Jan. 21, 2014
D693997 Accessory for a crutch Nov. 26, 2013
D693563 Umbrella with solar panels Nov. 19, 2013
D693560 Umbrella cap Nov. 19, 2013
D693561 Umbrella with solar panels Nov. 19, 2013
D693562 Umbrella with solar panels Nov. 19, 2013
D689280 Umbrella having reflective material Sep. 10, 2013
D685568 Umbrella stick Jul. 9, 2013
D673767 Crutch stand Jan. 8, 2013
D673359 Decorative cane cover Jan. 1, 2013
D672544 Clamp for stick Dec. 18, 2012
D671736 Reversible cane cover Dec. 4, 2012
D670901 Umbrella handle Nov. 20, 2012
D668445 Operating unit for a standing umbrella Oct. 9, 2012
D668446 Operating unit for a standing umbrella Oct. 9, 2012
D655774 Removable privacy covering for umbrella Mar. 13, 2012
D654682 Crutch pad Feb. 28, 2012
D652616 Decorative base for cane, walking stick, crutch, walker, and the like Jan. 24, 2012
D652203 Umbrella having reflective material Jan. 17, 2012
D650984 Umbrella skeleton Dec. 27, 2011
D650167 Decorative cane cover Dec. 13, 2011
D646886 Tip of an umbrella Oct. 18, 2011
D644832 Operating and connection unit for a standing umbrella Sep. 13, 2011
D637389 Umbrella vent May. 10, 2011
D637388 Umbrella frame May. 10, 2011
D634114 Umbrella holder Mar. 15, 2011
D632070 Caddy for walking crutch Feb. 8, 2011
D631243 Lift mechanism for an umbrella or the like Jan. 25, 2011
D630834 Anchor auger for beach umbrella Jan. 18, 2011
D626324 Umbrella hub Nov. 2, 2010
D625508 Beach umbrella anchor Oct. 19, 2010
D625509 Umbrella pole Oct. 19, 2010
D625099 Collapsible canopy Oct. 12, 2010
D623845 Umbrella pole holding container Sep. 21, 2010
D623846 Umbrella handle spike Sep. 21, 2010
D623396 Umbrella frame support Sep. 14, 2010
D623394 Cane cover Sep. 14, 2010
D623395 Umbrella holder Sep. 14, 2010
D622953 Umbrella shaft Sep. 7, 2010
D621149 Umbrella stand Aug. 10, 2010
D621148 Umbrella stand Aug. 10, 2010
D609899 Base for a sunshade Feb. 16, 2010
D602686 Operating and connection unit for a standing umbrella Oct. 27, 2009
D600004 Umbrella shaft Sep. 15, 2009
D600003 Umbrella wrist strap Sep. 15, 2009
D599104 Hinged component for umbrella Sep. 1, 2009
D593745 Cane bottom region Jun. 9, 2009

1 2 3 4

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