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Class Information
Number: D2/948
Name: Apparel and haberdashery > Footwear > Element or attachment > Sole > Simulative in form
Description: Design that includes an ornamental feature or features that simulate the ornamental appearance of another article in general overall form.

Patents under this class:
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D703425 Shoe outsole with a surface ornamentation contrast Apr. 29, 2014
D702030 Outsole for a shoe Apr. 8, 2014
D701025 Outsole for a shoe Mar. 18, 2014
D701026 Outsole for a shoe Mar. 18, 2014
D699421 Outsole for a shoe Feb. 18, 2014
D699422 Outsole for a shoe Feb. 18, 2014
D699025 Outsole for a shoe Feb. 11, 2014
D698537 Outsole for a shoe Feb. 4, 2014
D698135 Outsole for a shoe Jan. 28, 2014
D697700 Shoe sole Jan. 21, 2014
D697701 Outsole for a shoe Jan. 21, 2014
D697702 Outsole for a shoe Jan. 21, 2014
D697295 Outsole for a shoe Jan. 14, 2014
D695501 Shoe sole with animal paws Dec. 17, 2013
D683939 Shoe sole Jun. 11, 2013
D683938 Footwear Jun. 11, 2013
D680721 Shoe outsole Apr. 30, 2013
D680310 Shoe outsole Apr. 23, 2013
D675409 Shoe sole Feb. 5, 2013
D675410 Shoe sole Feb. 5, 2013
D675001 Shoe sole Jan. 29, 2013
D675000 Shoe sole Jan. 29, 2013
D674999 Shoe sole Jan. 29, 2013
D674998 Shoe sole Jan. 29, 2013
D674582 Shoe sole Jan. 22, 2013
D674583 Shoe sole Jan. 22, 2013
D673763 Shoe Jan. 8, 2013
8330029 Enhanced gripping surface for use with plectra and other hand-held implements Dec. 11, 2012
D670489 Shoe outsole Nov. 13, 2012
D668855 Animal tread footwear Oct. 16, 2012
D656719 High-heeled footwear sole with enhanced traction Apr. 3, 2012
D615739 Footwear sole May. 18, 2010
D607634 Footwear sole Jan. 12, 2010
D590585 Shoe outsole Apr. 21, 2009
D564189 Sole for a shoe Mar. 18, 2008
6957504 Footwear with surrounding ornamentation Oct. 25, 2005
D471698 Supportive sole insert for a shoe Mar. 18, 2003
D468516 Shoe sole Jan. 14, 2003
D462827 Shoe sole Sep. 17, 2002
D460606 Shoe sole Jul. 23, 2002
D460248 Shoe sole Jul. 16, 2002
D446917 Supportive sole insert for a shoe Aug. 28, 2001
D444619 Shoe sole Jul. 10, 2001
D437476 Sandal Feb. 13, 2001
D416378 Surf shoe sole Nov. 16, 1999
D414316 Portion of a shoe sole Sep. 28, 1999
D402797 Sole for a tennis shoe Dec. 22, 1998
D402445 Sandal sole Dec. 15, 1998
D389297 Removable cleat for use with athletic shoes Jan. 20, 1998
D386592 Shoe outsole Nov. 25, 1997

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