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Class Information
Number: D2/918
Name: Apparel and haberdashery > Footwear > Sandal-type > With distinct heel
Description: Design that includes a separate raised area under the rear of the foot.

Patents under this class:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D689268 Sandal having a spur Sep. 10, 2013
D688852 Shoe Sep. 3, 2013
D632464 Boot sandal Feb. 15, 2011
D603588 Outsole for a shoe Nov. 10, 2009
D602234 Shoe Oct. 20, 2009
D601784 Clog with rocker bottom Oct. 13, 2009
D582138 Sandal Dec. 9, 2008
D518627 Shoe Apr. 11, 2006
D515289 Sandal Feb. 21, 2006
D508159 Shoes Aug. 9, 2005
D504996 Shoe May. 17, 2005
D495123 Thong design with an insole pattern Aug. 31, 2004
D495124 Spa sandal with insole pattern Aug. 31, 2004
D487183 Sandal Mar. 2, 2004
D452989 Health-diet sandal Jan. 22, 2002
D448145 Pair of sandals Sep. 25, 2001
D437475 Sandal Feb. 13, 2001
D431346 Sandal with clasp Oct. 3, 2000
D422780 Sandal Apr. 18, 2000
D421828 Shoe Mar. 28, 2000
D421676 Interlocking sandal Mar. 21, 2000
D418280 Sandal Jan. 4, 2000
D417942 Sandal Dec. 28, 1999
D411241 Sandal Jun. 22, 1999
D381794 Sandal Aug. 5, 1997
D300781 Sandal Apr. 25, 1989
D294076 Sandal Feb. 9, 1988
D293965 Sandal Feb. 2, 1988
D291382 Sandal Aug. 18, 1987
D288861 Beach sandal or similar article Mar. 24, 1987
D280254 Sandal Aug. 27, 1985
D278092 Pocketed sandal Mar. 26, 1985
D275525 Slipper Sep. 18, 1984
D275526 Sandal Sep. 18, 1984
D275429 Sandal Sep. 11, 1984
D268455 Sandal Apr. 5, 1983
D262750 Shoe Jan. 26, 1982
D251097 Sandal Feb. 20, 1979
D249747 Sandal Oct. 3, 1978
D248126 Shoe Jun. 13, 1978
D246337 Sandal Nov. 15, 1977

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