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Class Information
Number: D2/719
Name: Apparel and haberdashery > Undergarment, sleepwear, or lounging apparel > Sleeping garment > Enveloping (i.e., sleeping bag, bunting for infant, etc.)

Patents under this class:
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D700433 Adjustable baby carrier cover Mar. 4, 2014
D696486 Infant swaddling garment Dec. 31, 2013
D693987 Anorak sleeping bag Nov. 26, 2013
D691780 Football-themed sleeping bag Oct. 22, 2013
D691781 Baby swaddle Oct. 22, 2013
D690904 Baby swaddle Oct. 8, 2013
D688442 Combination sleeping bag, pillow and carrying bag Aug. 27, 2013
D683520 Baby jump suit Jun. 4, 2013
D679479 Animal-shaped swaddling blanket Apr. 9, 2013
D676220 Combination baby poncho jacket, car seat cover, and shopping cart liner Feb. 19, 2013
D675808 Infant carrier shroud Feb. 12, 2013
D669659 Arms-free infant swaddling garment Oct. 30, 2012
D668432 Blanket bag Oct. 9, 2012
D668020 Infant protective cover Oct. 2, 2012
D654248 Sleeping bag Feb. 21, 2012
D652198 Bath swaddler Jan. 17, 2012
D650558 Infant bolster and swaddle wrap Dec. 20, 2011
D650153 Wearable blanket for infants Dec. 13, 2011
D650152 Mobility sleeping bag Dec. 13, 2011
D644820 Sleeping bag Sep. 13, 2011
D644413 Baby wrap Sep. 6, 2011
D643596 Sleep sack Aug. 23, 2011
D643182 Sleeping bag with pocket for toy Aug. 16, 2011
D641540 Infant wrap Jul. 19, 2011
D641541 Mummy-style sleeping bag Jul. 19, 2011
D641136 Hooded sleeping bag Jul. 12, 2011
D633278 Baby sleeping bag Mar. 1, 2011
D629176 Bivouac bag Dec. 21, 2010
D626309 Sleeping bag Nov. 2, 2010
D624279 Sleeping bag Sep. 28, 2010
D623829 Wrap Sep. 21, 2010
D623379 Sleeping bag Sep. 14, 2010
D618883 Attachable infant covering device Jul. 6, 2010
D613106 Swaddle blanket Apr. 6, 2010
D612579 Swaddle blanket Mar. 30, 2010
D606282 Baby sleeping bag Dec. 22, 2009
D603137 Baby wrap Nov. 3, 2009
D597732 Car seat blanket Aug. 11, 2009
7568245 "T"-shaped sleeping bag Aug. 4, 2009
D586537 Sleeping bag Feb. 17, 2009
D561428 Infant attire Feb. 12, 2008
D557880 Sleeping garment Dec. 25, 2007
D541506 Baby bunting May. 1, 2007
D537235 Sleeping bag Feb. 27, 2007
D530059 Sleeping bag kit Oct. 17, 2006
D526464 Sleeper bag garment Aug. 15, 2006
D518942 Baby blanket Apr. 18, 2006
D513657 Loop and pile sealable sleeping bag Jan. 24, 2006
D513357 Swaddling sleeper Jan. 3, 2006
D510792 Attached infant sleeper and blanket Oct. 25, 2005

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