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Number: 976/DIG.53
Name: Nuclear technology > Reactor fuel elements and their assemblies; selection of substances for use as reactor fuel elements [g21c-3/00] > Fuel elements [g21c-3/02] *** (manufacturing dig. 283) > Constructional details [g21c-3/04] > Details of the construction within the casing [g21c-3/16] > With coating on fuel or on inside of casing; with nonactive interlayer between casing and active material; with multiple casings or multiple active layers [g21c-3/20]

Patents under this class:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
5268947 Nuclear fuel elements comprising a trap for fission products based on oxide Dec. 7, 1993
5026516 Corrosion resistant cladding for nuclear fuel rods Jun. 25, 1991
5024809 Corrosion resistant composite claddings for nuclear fuel rods Jun. 18, 1991
4942016 Nuclear fuel element Jul. 17, 1990
4919884 Modular nuclear fuel element, modular capsule for such element and method for such element and method for manufacturing such modular capsule Apr. 24, 1990
4894203 Nuclear fuel element having oxidation resistant cladding Jan. 16, 1990
4880597 Alloy coated fuel cladding Nov. 14, 1989
4863679 Cladding tube for nuclear fuel and nuclear fuel element having this cladding tube Sep. 5, 1989
4783311 Pellet-clad interaction resistant nuclear fuel element Nov. 8, 1988
4675153 Zirconium alloy fuel cladding resistant to PCI crack propagation Jun. 23, 1987
4664881 Zirconium base fuel cladding resistant to PCI crack propagation May. 12, 1987
4659545 Hydride blister-resistant zirconium-based nuclear fuel rod cladding Apr. 21, 1987
4659540 Composite construction for nuclear fuel containers Apr. 21, 1987
4618406 Graphite-coated tube and process for producing the same Oct. 21, 1986
4613479 Water reactor fuel cladding Sep. 23, 1986
4610842 Fuel rod for a nuclear reactor Sep. 9, 1986
4609524 Nuclear reactor component rods and method of forming the same Sep. 2, 1986
4587087 Burnable absorber coated nuclear fuel May. 6, 1986
4582676 Coating a uranium dioxide nuclear fuel with a zirconium diboride burnable poison Apr. 15, 1986
4567017 Fuel pin cladding Jan. 28, 1986
4541984 Getter-lubricant coating for nuclear fuel elements Sep. 17, 1985
4473410 Nuclear fuel element having a composite coating Sep. 25, 1984
4445942 Method for forming nuclear fuel containers of a composite construction and the product thereof May. 1, 1984
4411861 Method for protecting the casing tubes of nuclear reactor fuel rods Oct. 25, 1983
4406012 Nuclear fuel elements having a composite cladding Sep. 20, 1983
4390497 Thermal-mechanical treatment of composite nuclear fuel element cladding Jun. 28, 1983
4372817 Nuclear fuel element Feb. 8, 1983
4364781 Method of treating zirconium-based alloy tubes Dec. 21, 1982
4362696 Corrosion-resistant fuel cladding allow for liquid metal fast breeder reactors Dec. 7, 1982
4343659 Process for producing copper barrier type, nuclear fuel cladding Aug. 10, 1982
4316771 Nuclear fuel stress corrosion prevention Feb. 23, 1982
4314880 Hydrogen permeation resistant barrier Feb. 9, 1982
4297246 Method of producing dense refractory oxide coatings on metallic substrates and the production of catalysts from the coated substrates Oct. 27, 1981
4235673 Chip sleeve for nuclear fuel elements Nov. 25, 1980
4233086 Method for providing a diffusion barrier Nov. 11, 1980
4229260 Nuclear reactor fuel element Oct. 21, 1980
4212686 Zirconium alloys Jul. 15, 1980
4200492 Nuclear fuel element Apr. 29, 1980
4146431 Nuclear fuel cladding system Mar. 27, 1979
4131511 Nuclear fuel element Dec. 26, 1978
4127443 Compact power reactor Nov. 28, 1978
4100020 Internal fuel pin oxidizer Jul. 11, 1978
4097402 Nuclear fuel assembly and process Jun. 27, 1978
4045288 Nuclear fuel element Aug. 30, 1977
4035265 Paint compositions Jul. 12, 1977
4032400 Nuclear reactor fuel element with vanadium getter on cladding Jun. 28, 1977
4029545 Nuclear fuel elements having a composite cladding Jun. 14, 1977
4022662 Nuclear fuel element having a metal liner and a diffusion barrier May. 10, 1977
3994778 Liquid metal hydrogen barriers Nov. 30, 1976
3969186 Nuclear fuel element Jul. 13, 1976

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