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Number: 976/DIG.196
Name: Nuclear technology > Cooling arrangements within the pressure vessel containing the core; selection of specific coolants [g21c-15/00] > Emergency cooling arrangements; removing shut-down heat [g21c-15/18]

Patents under this class:
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
6269873 Method for controlling heat exchange in a nuclear reactor Aug. 7, 2001
5112569 Intrinsic-safety nuclear reactor of the pressurized water type May. 12, 1992
5106571 Containment heat removal system Apr. 21, 1992
5102617 Passive cooling means for water cooled nuclear reactor plants Apr. 7, 1992
5096659 Reactor containment vessel Mar. 17, 1992
5087408 Nuclear power facilities Feb. 11, 1992
5082619 Passive heat removal from nuclear reactor containment Jan. 21, 1992
5080857 Passive lower drywell flooder Jan. 14, 1992
5078959 Reactor block of a fast reactor, with an inner cylindrical vessel for removing the residual power of the core by natural circulation Jan. 7, 1992
5076999 Passive decay heat removal system for water-cooled nuclear reactors Dec. 31, 1991
5061435 High-temperature reactor Oct. 29, 1991
5059385 Isolation condenser passive cooling of a nuclear reactor containment Oct. 22, 1991
5053190 Water cooled nuclear reactor and pressurizer assembly Oct. 1, 1991
5049353 Passive containment cooling system Sep. 17, 1991
5045274 Water cooled nuclear reactors Sep. 3, 1991
5043136 Passive cooling safety system for liquid metal cooled nuclear reactors Aug. 27, 1991
5043135 Method for passive cooling liquid metal cooled nuclear reactors, and system thereof Aug. 27, 1991
5021211 Liquid metal cooled nuclear reactors with passive cooling system Jun. 4, 1991
5021212 Primary containment vessel with outer pool Jun. 4, 1991
5013519 Autonomous, decentralized fast breeder reactor system May. 7, 1991
5011652 Nuclear power facilities Apr. 30, 1991
5008069 Device for cooling a heat-generating member Apr. 16, 1991
4986956 Passive nuclear power plant containment system Jan. 22, 1991
4976913 Nuclear energy system using pelletized fuel in a boiling liquid reactor Dec. 11, 1990
4959193 Indirect passive cooling system for liquid metal cooled nuclear reactors Sep. 25, 1990
4957693 Pressurized water nuclear reactor system with hot leg vortex mitigator Sep. 18, 1990
4950448 Passive heat removal from containment Aug. 21, 1990
4948554 Natural circulating passive cooling system for nuclear reactor containment structure Aug. 14, 1990
4939754 Device for limitation of a flow through a density lock for a nuclear reactor Jul. 3, 1990
4863676 Inherently safe, modular, high-temperature gas-cooled reactor system Sep. 5, 1989
4859401 Nuclear reactor Aug. 22, 1989
4859406 Reactor Aug. 22, 1989
4847040 Nuclear power plant with a gas cooled high temperature reactor Jul. 11, 1989
4844857 Pressurized water reactors Jul. 4, 1989
4842810 Nuclear power plant with a high temperature reactor located eccentrically in a cylindrical prestressed concrete pressure vessel Jun. 27, 1989
4832904 Emergency cooling device for a fast neutron nuclear reactor May. 23, 1989
4830815 Isolation condenser with shutdown cooling system heat exchanger May. 16, 1989
4822557 Emergency reactor core cooling structure Apr. 18, 1989
4818475 Turbine-generator shaft-coupled auxiliary generators supplying short-duration electrical loads for an emergency coolant injection system Apr. 4, 1989
4812286 Shroud tank and fill pipe for a boiling water nuclear reactor Mar. 14, 1989
4810460 Nuclear boiling water reactor upper plenum with lateral throughpipes Mar. 7, 1989
4808369 Emergency core cooling apparatus Feb. 28, 1989
4784824 Emergency cooling device for a pressurized water nuclear reactor Nov. 15, 1988
4780270 Passive shut-down heat removal system Oct. 25, 1988
4767594 Control of reactor coolant flow path during reactor decay heat removal Aug. 30, 1988
4765946 Intrinsically safe emergency cooling device for a pressurized-water nuclear reactor Aug. 23, 1988
4762667 Passive reactor auxiliary cooling system Aug. 9, 1988
4761260 Nuclear power plant with a high temperature reactor located in a cylindrical prestressed concrete pressure vessel Aug. 2, 1988
4759901 Nuclear reactor installation arranged in the cavity of a pressure vessel Jul. 26, 1988
4759899 Reactor with natural convection backup cooling system Jul. 26, 1988

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