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Class Information
Number: 8/DIG.4
Name: Bleaching and dyeing; fluid treatment and chemical modification of textiles and fibers > Polyester fibers

Patents under this class:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
6836915 Process for dyeing poly (trimethylene terephthalate) carpet continuously Jan. 4, 2005
6436696 Enzyme treatment to enhance wettability and absorbancy of textiles Aug. 20, 2002
6254645 Enzymatic modification of the surface of a polyester fiber or article Jul. 3, 2001
6074753 Drawn polyester yarn for reinforcement of elastic structures Jun. 13, 2000
5266076 Fluorinated finishes for aramids Nov. 30, 1993
5211720 Dyeing and flame-retardant treatment for synthetic textiles May. 18, 1993
4975091 Textile drawing aids for fiber materials containing polyester Dec. 4, 1990
4842792 Drafting process for preparing a modified polyester fiber Jun. 27, 1989
4801405 Composition for imparting fire-retardant properties to polyester fibers Jan. 31, 1989
4758242 Method for treating polyester fibers having melt anistrophy Jul. 19, 1988
4751143 Process for treating chemically stabilized, adhesive activated polyester material, polyester material treated by the process and an improved finish composition Jun. 14, 1988
4647284 Sulfido- and sulfo-substituted perfluoroalkyl pyromellitates Mar. 3, 1987
4595628 Soil repellent fluorinated esters of multi-ring anhydride systems Jun. 17, 1986
4513459 Bleach cake in an improved bleach resistant particle retaining means Apr. 30, 1985
4472466 Soil repellent fluorinated esters of multi-ring anhydride systems Sep. 18, 1984
4431759 Polyester textile materials resistant to undesirable fibrillation Feb. 14, 1984
4403049 Method of manufacturing polyester fibers with good adhesion to rubber Sep. 6, 1983
4369213 Process for preparing indigo-dyeable polyester fibers Jan. 18, 1983
4348517 Process and finish composition for producing adhesive active polyester yarn Sep. 7, 1982
4238193 Method of treating synthetic fibers or synthetic fiber fabrics Dec. 9, 1980
4211678 Copolyester yarns and fibers dyeable without carrier at atmospheric pressure Jul. 8, 1980
4167541 Continuous carrierless dyeable polyesters Sep. 11, 1979
4105568 Finish for polyester filamentary yarns Aug. 8, 1978
4101399 Production of solvent resistant brominated and/or chlorinated aromatic polyester fibrous materials Jul. 18, 1978
4097643 Compositions comprising (1) a copolymer formed from an unsaturated acid and (2) an epoxy group-containing silane are useful textile and paper finishing materials Jun. 27, 1978
4087242 Production of variegated polyester yarn and fabric May. 2, 1978
4086055 Surface modified continuous filament yarn and method of producing same Apr. 25, 1978
4066812 Fire retardant polyester textile materials and method of making same Jan. 3, 1978
4063887 Method for improving the water absorption of polyester fibers Dec. 20, 1977
4056356 Polyester fiber Nov. 1, 1977
4049376 Dyed copolyesters and method of making Sep. 20, 1977
4043753 Grafting process for preparing a polyester fabric having desirable stain-release, antisoil-redeposition, antistatic and hydrophilic properties Aug. 23, 1977
4026663 Polyester fabric dyed with monoazo dyestuffs May. 31, 1977
4008044 Treatment of polyester textiles to improve soil release and wettability properties Feb. 15, 1977
4004878 Process for the preparation of pilling-resistant fiber products from polyesters Jan. 25, 1977
3990839 Process for obtaining irregular shadow dyeings on polyester fibers and mixtures thereof Nov. 9, 1976
3988387 Polyester fibers having excellent dyeability Oct. 26, 1976
3980651 Water-insoluble barbituric acid-substituted naphthalactam dyestuff Sep. 14, 1976
3971627 Epoxy-azido compounds Jul. 27, 1976
3961107 Fiber fleece containing a polymeric reinforcing material, and process for the production of such fleece Jun. 1, 1976
3960479 Coloring of organic materials with asymmetric thioindigoid compounds Jun. 1, 1976
3959213 Basic dyeable polyester fiber May. 25, 1976
3948831 Dyeability of polyester textile fiber Apr. 6, 1976
3933421 Polymer treatment of fibrous and filamentary materials Jan. 20, 1976

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