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Class Information
Number: 8/DIG.18
Name: Bleaching and dyeing; fluid treatment and chemical modification of textiles and fibers > Grafting textile fibers

Patents under this class:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
5614598 Polymers having enhanced hydrophilicity and thermal regulated properties and process of producing the same Mar. 25, 1997
5605756 Disposable toothbrush having mint flavored toothpaste composition bonded to bristles thereof Feb. 25, 1997
5354815 Polymers having enhanced hydrophilicity and thermal regulated properties and process of producing the same Oct. 11, 1994
5049684 Electrically conducting material and process of preparing same Sep. 17, 1991
4748076 Water absorbent fibrous product and a method of producing the same May. 31, 1988
4613333 Silicone durable press textile treatment process and resulting product Sep. 23, 1986
4558097 Nylon comfort fiber containing poly(N,N-dimethylacrylamide) Dec. 10, 1985
4549880 Silicone durable press textile treatment process with radiation curing and resulting product Oct. 29, 1985
4500396 Copper recovery process Feb. 19, 1985
4458053 Nylon comfort fiber containing poly(N,N-dimethylacrylamide) Jul. 3, 1984
4277242 Ionizing radiation treatment of wool textiles with resin for shrink resistance Jul. 7, 1981
4238193 Method of treating synthetic fibers or synthetic fiber fabrics Dec. 9, 1980
4227882 Method of treating fiber or fibrous material Oct. 14, 1980
4212649 Method for manufacturing heat-resistant and flame-retardant synthetic fiber Jul. 15, 1980
4210415 Shrinkproofing of fabrics of wool Jul. 1, 1980
4203723 Vitra-violet process for producing flame resistant polyamides and products produced thereby May. 20, 1980
4190623 Radiation treatment of high-polymer textile materials Feb. 26, 1980
4138298 Treatment of high-polymer materials Feb. 6, 1979
4135877 Process for improving antistatic and hygroscopic properties of fibers or fibrous structures made thereof Jan. 23, 1979
4126415 Antistatic carpet Nov. 21, 1978
4092107 Process for finishing textile materials containing cellulose fibers May. 30, 1978
4089649 Compositions and process for fiber modification May. 16, 1978
4087246 Fiber modification compositions and process May. 2, 1978
4065256 Method for graft polymerization of shaped article of hydrophobic synthetic polymer Dec. 27, 1977
4063885 Single-treatment radiation process for imparting durable soil-release properties to cotton and cotton-polyester blend fabrics Dec. 20, 1977
4043753 Grafting process for preparing a polyester fabric having desirable stain-release, antisoil-redeposition, antistatic and hydrophilic properties Aug. 23, 1977
4036588 Method of increasing the water absorption of cellulose-containing materials Jul. 19, 1977
4003701 Graft copolymerization processes Jan. 18, 1977
3997515 Flame retardant shaped materials Dec. 14, 1976
3975154 Process for producing and utilizing durable press fabrics with strong acid grafts Aug. 17, 1976

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