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Class Information
Number: 8/94.1R
Name: Bleaching and dyeing; fluid treatment and chemical modification of textiles and fibers > Treatment of hides, skins, feathers and animal tissues

Sub-classes under this class:

Class Number Class Name Patents
8/94.16 Depilating 49
8/94.12 Fish or reptile skins 6
8/94.14 Fur 26
8/94.11 Internal tissues 114
8/94.1D Leather dehydration 9
8/94.1P Phosphorus compounds on leather 13
8/94.13 Suede 5
8/94.19R Tanning 101
8/94.15 Treatment of untanned skins or hides 85

Patents under this class:
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8567613 Hydrocarbon sequestering product Oct. 29, 2013
8382857 Method for the reactive coloration of leather Feb. 26, 2013
8372161 Method for the reactive coloring of leather Feb. 12, 2013
8357207 Leather treatment and agent Jan. 22, 2013
8334021 Aldehyde reduction in aqueous coating and leather finishing compositions Dec. 18, 2012
8328878 Yarn of animal collagen fiber and manufacture process thereof Dec. 11, 2012
8192791 Leather-surface repair-composition and the method for surface repair of leather surfaces Jun. 5, 2012
7833288 Compositions for treating keratin and methods of use Nov. 16, 2010
7824447 Biological artificial ligament and method of making Nov. 2, 2010
7776102 Process for making a leather article structure Aug. 17, 2010
7753964 Method for producing a leather semi-finished product Jul. 13, 2010
7749409 Fatliquoring agents for the flame-retardant treatment of leather Jul. 6, 2010
7728072 Epichlorohydrin amine polymers used for treating the surface of leather Jun. 1, 2010
7637961 Composition and method for preparing leather Dec. 29, 2009
RE40570 Apparatuses and methods for treating biological tissue to mitigate calcification Nov. 11, 2008
7419552 C.sub.10-alkanol alkoxylates and the use thereof Sep. 2, 2008
7404826 Method for removing horn substance from skins, pelts or furs Jul. 29, 2008
7378032 Coating composition for leather, coating method, and coated leather May. 27, 2008
7300599 Lubricant for the production and treatment of leather Nov. 27, 2007
7270985 Process for the preparation of aldehyde from a proteinous source for industrial applications Sep. 18, 2007
7208016 Chromium-free, waterproof leather Apr. 24, 2007
7201854 Active compound combinations for protecting animal hides and leather Apr. 10, 2007
7192534 Low-VOC stuffing agents, the use thereof in the production and/or treatment of leather and skins and corresponding production or treatment method Mar. 20, 2007
7182789 Stabilised compositions containing polyfunctional aziridine compounds as hardening constituents Feb. 27, 2007
7160480 Leather treated with fluorochemicals Jan. 9, 2007
7157017 Fungicidal compositions and methods using cyanodithiocarbimates Jan. 2, 2007
7115387 Process for the preparation of aldehyde from a proteinous source for industrial applications Oct. 3, 2006
7060363 Chromium-free, waterproof leather Jun. 13, 2006
6964745 Use of superabsorbent polymers for treating raw skins, corresponding compositions and methods and resulting treated skins Nov. 15, 2005
6953483 Aloe vera processed leather and leather gloves, garments, shoes and sandals made from aloe vera processed leather and a process for making aloe vera processed leather Oct. 11, 2005
6855171 Process for waterproofing leather and leather obtained by means of said process Feb. 15, 2005
6837907 Method for debriding bone, and bone debrided thereby Jan. 4, 2005
6708531 Ecofriendly bio-process for leather processing Mar. 23, 2004
6663676 Preparation of an aqueous composition for treating leather Dec. 16, 2003
6652597 N-vinyl-containing polymeric tanning materials Nov. 25, 2003
6599629 Coated natural leather having low deformation Jul. 29, 2003
6589293 Depilatory paint thickener comprising an anylopectin starch Jul. 8, 2003
6540790 Tanning leather Apr. 1, 2003
6375861 Combination of active substances Apr. 23, 2002
6294103 Use of amphiphilic copolymers containing a fluorinated monomer to impart waterproofness to leather Sep. 25, 2001
6242554 Polysiloxanes having polyether quat functions Jun. 5, 2001
6200640 Polymer composition and process for treating leather and fur skins Mar. 13, 2001
6133372 Aqueous polymer dispersion, process for preparing the same and its use in leather production Oct. 17, 2000
6110230 Use of carboxyamide-polysiloxanes for water proofing leather Aug. 29, 2000
6083414 Composition of a mixture of a phenolic compound and an azole or morpholine compound to protect animal hides and leather against microbes Jul. 4, 2000
6043362 Hydrophilic permanent organosilicon compounds Mar. 28, 2000
6033590 Compositions for the preparation of leather Mar. 7, 2000
5998562 Permanent organosilicon compounds, their preparation and use Dec. 7, 1999
5948123 Coloring method for hides Sep. 7, 1999
5945027 Method of using bile salts to inhibit red heat in stored brine-cured hides and skins Aug. 31, 1999

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