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Class Information
Number: 8/934
Name: Bleaching and dyeing; fluid treatment and chemical modification of textiles and fibers > High temperature and pressure dyeing
Description: Unusual dyeing processes involving high pressure and temperature.

Patents under this class:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
7398660 Dyeing apparatus and method therefor Jul. 15, 2008
6699805 Dyed melamine fabrics and methods for dyeing melamine fabrics Mar. 2, 2004
6695889 Pre-dyeing treatment process and dyeing process for textile products containing highly crosslinked polyacrylic fibers, pretreated and undyed textile product, and dyed textile product Feb. 24, 2004
6527815 Garment dyeing Mar. 4, 2003
6214963 Water-soluble addition polymer and aqueous ink using the same Apr. 10, 2001
6068666 Blended fiber garment over dyeing process May. 30, 2000
5942008 Method of dyeing wood veneer at elevated temperatures and pressures Aug. 24, 1999
5928388 Dye mixtures Jul. 27, 1999
5891201 Process for the continuous dyeing of yarns with reactive dyes and apparatus for carrying out this process Apr. 6, 1999
5529586 Compositions containing a benzodifuranone compound and methods for coloring hydrophobic materials using the same Jun. 25, 1996
5496707 Assay method for hemicellulases using a colored substrate Mar. 5, 1996
5447540 Method of dyeing a high heat-resistant synthetic fiber material Sep. 5, 1995
5427589 Method for dyeing fibrous materials Jun. 27, 1995
5425785 Process for dyeing polyester and polyester-containing textile materials Jun. 20, 1995
5298032 Process for dyeing cellulosic textile material with disperse dyes Mar. 29, 1994
4518392 Process for the HT dyeing of polyester materials with ethylene oxide propylene oxide block polymer May. 21, 1985
4304566 Process for the dyeing of wool with reactive dyestuffs Dec. 8, 1981
4264321 Process for the pad dyeing or printing of cellulose fibers with reactive dyes Apr. 28, 1981
4147510 Coloration process Apr. 3, 1979
4131424 Method of dyeing using the combination of certain halogenated hydrocarbons and aromatic solvents in an aqueous dye admixture Dec. 26, 1978
4125371 Process for the level, isothermal high-temperature dyeing of hydrophobic synthetic fibers with disperse dyestuffs Nov. 14, 1978
4082502 Process for the dyeing of synthetic or natural fibers Apr. 4, 1978
4043751 Process for coloring fibers with water-insoluble polyfluoro azo dyestuffs Aug. 23, 1977
4036587 Process for dyeing cellulose fibers Jul. 19, 1977
4006163 Anthraquinone dyestuffs Feb. 1, 1977
3998585 Package dyeing method Dec. 21, 1976
3950130 Thiazole-azo dyes and the coloration of polyester textile fibers therewith Apr. 13, 1976
3933424 Modified sulfonated resin surfactants Jan. 20, 1976

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