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Class Information
Number: 8/79
Name: Bleaching and dyeing; fluid treatment and chemical modification of textiles and fibers >

Sub-classes under this class:

Class Number Class Name Patents
8/101 Bleaching 180
8/112 Improving felting properties (e.g., carroting) 12
8/114 Ornamental effects 25
8/115.51 Chemical modification of textiles or fibers or products thereof 331
8/130.1 Swelling or plasticizing of artificial fibers 62
8/133 Fiber protecting during fluid treatment 18
8/137 Cleaning or laundering 1,027
8/147 Fluid treatment (manipulative) 67
8/400 Measuring, testing, or inspecting dye process 63
8/401 Using enzymes, dye process, composition, or product of dyeing 163
8/402 Wood dyeing process 39
8/403 Fugitive dye composition, process or product 42
8/404 Dyeing involving animal-derived natural fiber material (other than solely wool or silk), e.g., leather, fur, hair, feathers, etc., composition, process, or product 83
8/438 Process of extracting or purifying of natural dye 38
8/440 Dye recovery process, other than nominal recovery 28
8/441 Process of color renovating a dyed product 20
8/442 Color protecting process for dyed product 100
8/443 Weighting process (loading silk with metal salts) 4
8/444 Dyeing process utilizing electric, magnetic, or wave energy; or product thereof 124
8/445 Process of printing permanently on substrate, other than nominal printing, using print paste containing discharge material, resist material, or dye material; or stencil dyeing 82
8/467 Diffusion transfer dyeing process, transfer sheet and product 83
8/473 Subambient temperature dyeing process, i.e., less than 20 degrees c. 7
8/474 Reactive gas or reactive vapor utilized in dye process 23
8/475 Confined gas phase superatmospheric pressure dyeing process (other than steam below 138 degrees c.) 45
8/477 Foam dye composition or process 89
8/478 Pattern effect dyeing, process, compositions, or products 126
8/488 Bonding of preform, e.g., flocking, etc., with dyeing, process or product 17
8/489 Drawing or stretching of preform with dyeing, process or product 43
8/490 Process of preserving substrate combined with dyeing or product thereof, e.g., biocidal or fire retardant treatment, etc. 130
8/491 Overall dimensional modification or stabilization, e.g., creping, etc., including use of chemical additive to form at least a temporary composition, with dyeing process 27
8/494 Nominal textile manufacture process combined with dyeing 83
8/495 Coating or sizing with dyeing process or product 163
8/497 Forming, shaping, or reshaping with dyeing process or product 68
8/498 Process of dyeing involving dry powder application 7
8/499 Spray-dyeing process 64
8/500 Dyeing process utilizing mechanical pressure, e.g., presses, etc. 30
8/501 Two-phase system dyeing composition or process 29
8/502 Replenishment or replacement of same bath liquor in dyeing process 16
8/503 Dyeing process involving burning of reagents 5
8/504 Process involving plural application steps with same dye 23
8/505 Differential fluid pressure assisted dyeing process, e.g., air pressure, vacuum, etc. 17
8/506 Nontextile, dyeing process or product, including inorganic fiber 234
8/524 Dry dye composition other than mere mixture of two or more dyes alone or process of making 153
8/527 Dye concentrate composition wherein an additional amount of a constituent of the composition must be added before use 280
8/529 Multiple chemically diverse fibers or fibers with different cross section, process of dyeing or product 107
8/535 Phenol-aldehyde fiber dyeing composition, process, or dyed product 7
8/536 Fiber derived from saponified cellulose esters or from nitrocellulose converted to cellulose, dye composition, process, or product 16
8/537 Mercerized cellulose fiber or parchmentized cellulose fiber dyeing composition, process, or product 18
8/538 Gelled fiber-dyeing process or product 37
8/539 Synthetic fiber produced from material which contains pendant -coo-, -(o=)s(=o)-o-, -o-(o=)p(=o)-o-, pyridino, dialkylaminoalkyl-, or quaternary ammonium radical, dyeing process or product 117
8/541 Acylating agent or cross-linker dye additive, composition, process, or product 49
8/543 Reactive dye composition, process, or product 383
8/550 Organic additive for dye composition, dye composition containing organic additive, process or product; other than emulsifier, ph adjuster or starch or gum print paste thickener 62
8/618 Inorganic additive for dye composition, dye composition containing inorganic additive, process or product; other than emulsifier, ph adjuster, water, nitrous acid for azo coupling or sulfur reducing agent for vat or sulfur dye 102
8/636 Dye or potential dye composition, additive, treatment, process, product, or ancillary dye operation 173
8/900 Basic emulsifiers for dyeing 9
8/902 Coacervation or two-phase dyeing system 2
8/903 Triple mixture of anionic, cationic, and nonionic emulsifiers for dyeing 3
8/904 Mixed anionic and nonionic emulsifiers for dyeing 26
8/905 Mixed anionic and cationic emulsifiers for dyeing 6
8/906 Mixed cationic and nonionic emulsifiers for dyeing 7
8/907 Nonionic emulsifiers for dyeing 74
8/908 Anionic emulsifiers for dyeing 45
8/913 Amphoteric emulsifiers for dyeing 6
8/916 Natural fiber dyeing 36
8/920 Synthetic fiber dyeing 57
8/929 Carpet dyeing 177
8/930 Pretreatment before dyeing 88
8/932 Specific manipulative continuous dyeing 33
8/933 Thermosol dyeing, thermofixation or dry heat fixation or development 78
8/934 High temperature and pressure dyeing 28
8/935 Immunization as a resist in dyeing 0
8/936 Solubility studies on dyes 0
8/937 Li ion in dye bath 24
8/938 Solvent dyes 41
8/939 Naphtholactam dye 1
8/94.1R Treatment of hides, skins, feathers and animal tissues 143
8/DIG.1 Silicones 67
8/DIG.10 Polyvinyl halide esters or alcohol fiber modification 2
8/DIG.11 Isocyanate and carbonate modification of fibers 20
8/DIG.12 Wave energy treatment of textiles 23
8/DIG.13 Cyanoethylation of fibers 2
8/DIG.14 Dry mixtures of textile reagents 1
8/DIG.15 Pressurized gas treatment of textiles 4
8/DIG.16 Pressurized and high temperature liquid treatment of textiles 6
8/DIG.17 Glyoxal and polyaldehyde treatment of textiles 14
8/DIG.18 Grafting textile fibers 30
8/DIG.19 Molten metal 0
8/DIG.2 Vinyl sulfones and precursors thereof 9
8/DIG.20 -n-cl compound 1
8/DIG.21 Nylon 47
8/DIG.3 Swelling and stretching 3
8/DIG.4 Polyester fibers 44
8/DIG.5 Organic titanium compounds on textiles 2
8/DIG.6 Resin bleach 2
8/DIG.8 Oxirane 13
8/DIG.9 Polyolefin 17

Patents under this class:

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