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Number: 8/499
Name: Bleaching and dyeing; fluid treatment and chemical modification of textiles and fibers > Spray-dyeing process
Description: Processes involving using a gas to propel fine particles of a liquid dye composition against the substrate to dye the same, or utilizing a nozzle to spray a dye composition onto a substrate.

Patents under this class:
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8597374 Compositions for spray dyeing of cellulosic fabrics Dec. 3, 2013
7931699 Compositions for spray dyeing cellulosic fabrics Apr. 26, 2011
7931700 Composition for dyeing of cellulosic fabric Apr. 26, 2011
7931701 Composition for dyeing of cellulosic fabric Apr. 26, 2011
7833288 Compositions for treating keratin and methods of use Nov. 16, 2010
7799097 Processes for spray dyeing fabrics Sep. 21, 2010
7374808 Patterned bonded carpet and method May. 20, 2008
7131158 Apparatus and method for forming multi-colored yarn Nov. 7, 2006
7033403 Spray dyeing of garments Apr. 25, 2006
6989037 Carpet tile renewal process and products Jan. 24, 2006
6939583 Fabric for use in ink-jet printing, a method for preparing such fabric and printed goods made by ink-jet printing of the fabric Sep. 6, 2005
6723137 Printing process, print obtained by the process and processed article Apr. 20, 2004
6692541 Method of making nonwoven fabric comprising splittable fibers Feb. 17, 2004
6652652 Device for patterning two-dimensional substrates without a template Nov. 25, 2003
6623532 Ink-jet printing method and printed goods Sep. 23, 2003
6500214 Camouflage covering and method of manufacture Dec. 31, 2002
6352563 Printed cloth and method of manufacturing the same Mar. 5, 2002
6156072 Manufacturing method of fabric for ink jet printing and ink jet printing method Dec. 5, 2000
6152968 Water-soluble Quinacridones Nov. 28, 2000
6142619 Apparatus and method for manufacturing ink jet printed products and ink jet printed products manufactured using the method Nov. 7, 2000
6136046 Interior base material and printing process thereof Oct. 24, 2000
6123740 Dye preparations containing methine dyes Sep. 26, 2000
6063137 Process for dyeing or printing and novel reactive dyes May. 16, 2000
6051036 Printed cloth and method of manufacturing the same Apr. 18, 2000
6019799 Method to space dye yarn Feb. 1, 2000
5888253 Textile-printing method, printed textile obtained thereby, and ink Mar. 30, 1999
5854649 Ink-jet printing cloth and ink-jet printing process Dec. 29, 1998
5847740 Ink-jet printing cloth and ink-jet printing process Dec. 8, 1998
5679115 Radiation-induced fixation of dyes Oct. 21, 1997
5676707 Leather coloring process comprising jetting ink onto a treated leather Oct. 14, 1997
5611819 Fabric superior in anti-drape stiffness, stiffness and soft handle, and manufacture thereof Mar. 18, 1997
5512062 Low temperature textile dyeing method using high temperature dye compositions Apr. 30, 1996
5512061 Printing and dyeing of textiles (inverse resist printing) Apr. 30, 1996
5500023 Ink-jet printing process, ink set for use in such process, and processed article obtained thereby Mar. 19, 1996
5447539 Method of dyeing polypropylene fiber with more than one color Sep. 5, 1995
4960430 Method for manufacturing of mat and rough, laminar, ribbon-shaped or fibrous polymeric products with a stream of particles Oct. 2, 1990
4923480 Opaque tinting of contact lenses with random positions of color depth May. 8, 1990
4869726 Method and an apparatus for marking fabric piles Sep. 26, 1989
4717391 Method for spraying of dyes from high-boiling solvent dispersions onto open width fabric with heat setting Jan. 5, 1988
4699625 Method of continuously dyeing fabrics containing blends of synthetic fibers and cellulosic fibers with premetallized dye and polyvinyl pyrrolison/styrene copolymer Oct. 13, 1987
4693727 Process for dyeing synthetic polyamide materials with fibre-reactive anthraquinone dyes Sep. 15, 1987
4661117 Waterless dip dye composition and method of use thereof for synthetic articles Apr. 28, 1987
4648884 Solutions of anionic dyes with alkylene glycol mono-alkyl ethers Mar. 10, 1987
4612016 Process for dyeing cellulosic textile materials Sep. 16, 1986
4602912 Mothproofing and beetleproofing composition: 5-(pyridyloxy- or thiothenylcarbamoyl)barbituric acid Jul. 29, 1986
4594075 Process for spray-drying readily water-soluble dyes and fluorescent brighteners Jun. 10, 1986
4507126 Cold water dispersible dyestuff granulates Mar. 26, 1985
4453943 Solid formulations of anionic dyes Jun. 12, 1984
4383833 Natural edible dye preparation from bean husks giving red shades May. 17, 1983
4361019 Dyeing yarns Nov. 30, 1982

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