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Class Information
Number: 8/496
Name: Bleaching and dyeing; fluid treatment and chemical modification of textiles and fibers > Coating or sizing with dyeing process or product > Aminoplast or aminoplast precursor coating
Description: Subject matter wherein an aminoplast or aminoplast precursor is applied as a coating or sizing.

Patents under this class:
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
6949126 Production of dyed lyocell garments Sep. 27, 2005
5789037 Cross-linking agent and process for cross-linking binder and textile colorant on a textile fabric Aug. 4, 1998
5482764 Method for improving the bleach resistance of dyed textile fiber and product made thereby Jan. 9, 1996
5108628 Textile softeners Apr. 28, 1992
5102695 Highly tintable abrasion resistant coatings Apr. 7, 1992
5015261 Pre-treatment of cellulosic fibres or cellulosic fibres in blends with synthetic fibres for subsequent transfer printing May. 14, 1991
5013608 Highly tintable abrasion resistant coatings May. 7, 1991
4997519 Deep-colored fibers and a process for manufacturing the same Mar. 5, 1991
4913705 Dyeing a mixed fibre fabric of cellulose/polyacrylonitrile of cellulose/acid-modified polyester with a reactive dye and a basic dye Apr. 3, 1990
4892556 Process for transfer printing on leather substrates impregnated with aminoplast pre-condensate Jan. 9, 1990
4863483 Textile printing and dyeing: Dye liquor or print paste containing water insoluble hexa-methoxy-methyl-melamine in glycol Sep. 5, 1989
4781725 Enhanced transfer printability treatment method and composition Nov. 1, 1988
4764176 Method for preventing the brightening effect of optical brightening agents on textiles Aug. 16, 1988
4645511 Aftertreatment of dyed or printed textiles with a polymeric polybasic amino compound Feb. 24, 1987
4619668 Dyed wrinkle-resistant and durable-press cotton fabrics Oct. 28, 1986
4615707 Process for improving fastness of sulphur dyeing on hydroxy group containing fibers Oct. 7, 1986
4559058 Method for improving the fastness of dyeings and optical brightenings with amine, cyanamide derivative and epihalohydrin condensate Dec. 17, 1985
4551150 Method for dyeing cellulose fiber material using fiber-reactive disazo dye and finishing the same Nov. 5, 1985
4548902 Method for determining the compatibility of a direct or reactive dyestuff with a polybasic amino compound Oct. 22, 1985
4547196 Process for fixing direct and reactive dyestuffs on cellulosic fibers with addition of magnesium salt and zirconium salt to fixing agent Oct. 15, 1985
4511707 Water-soluble precondensates useful for improving the fastness of dyes and optical brighteners on hydroxy group-containing substrates Apr. 16, 1985
4487608 Dyeing of fibrous materials Dec. 11, 1984
4484927 Polymers useful for improving the fastness of dyes and optical brighteners on hydroxy group-containing substrates Nov. 27, 1984
4452606 Compositions useful for improving the fastness of dyeings on cellulosic substrates: precondensates of N-methylol compound with polyalkylene polyamine-epihalohydrin product Jun. 5, 1984
4445903 Process for the preparation of woven fabrics of low air permeability May. 1, 1984
4443223 Composition and method for improving the fastness of direct and reactive dyeings on cellulose-containing substrates Apr. 17, 1984
4439203 Process for improving the wetfastness of dyeings, printings and optical brightenings on cellulosic substrates and compositions useful therefor Mar. 27, 1984
4439208 Method for improving the fastness of dyeings with basic dyes on cellulosic substrates Mar. 27, 1984
4436524 After treating composition for direct or reactive dyeings on cellulose Mar. 13, 1984
4410652 Reaction products useful for improving the wetfastness of direct and reactive dyes on cellulosic substrates Oct. 18, 1983
4394126 Diester composition and textile processing compositions therefrom Jul. 19, 1983
4299592 Printing of textile materials Nov. 10, 1981
4290767 Process for slop-padding textile cellulose material Sep. 22, 1981
4288226 Process for slop-padding textile cellulose material Sep. 8, 1981
4265631 Aqueous dyestuff preparations of water-insoluble or sparingly water-soluble dyes May. 5, 1981
4250269 Water-soluble mixtures of quaternary ammonium polymers, nonionic and/or cationic vinyl-addition polymers, and nonionic and/or cationic surfactants Feb. 10, 1981
4132522 Control of dye migration in thermosol dyeing processes Jan. 2, 1979
4120647 Process for the dyeing of wool-containing fibre materials Oct. 17, 1978
4119398 Composition for pre-treating fabric for transfer printing and a transfer printing process Oct. 10, 1978
4099913 Foams for treating fabrics Jul. 11, 1978
4080160 Fixing pigment to textile with mono-sulphated oleic acid amide Mar. 21, 1978
4077764 Process for the continuous dyeing of textile polyamide fiber material with metal complex dyes Mar. 7, 1978
4072462 Transfer printing Feb. 7, 1978
4063879 Transfer printing of cellulosic fabrics and transfer for use therein Dec. 20, 1977
4033716 Transfer printing process for hydrophilic fibrous material Jul. 5, 1977
4009000 Process for the dyeing or printing and simultaneous finishing of cellulose materials Feb. 22, 1977
3988108 Process for coloring fibrous structures Oct. 26, 1976
3983588 Process for the dyeing or printing and simultaneous finishing of cellulose materials Oct. 5, 1976
3975152 Simultaneous dyeing and crosslinking of cellulosic fabrics Aug. 17, 1976
3960477 Crossdyed cotton fabrics Jun. 1, 1976

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