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Class Information
Number: 70/278
Name: Locks >

Sub-classes under this class:

Class Number Class Name Patents
70/1 Miscellaneous 4
70/1.5 Attack-actuated defeating mechanisms 62
70/14 Portable 609
70/2 Hasp 85
70/262 Systems 32
70/266 Operating mechanism 11
70/431 Parts, attachments, accessories and adjuncts 48
70/57 Special application 235
70/DIG.1 Tumbler registerable with aperture 1
70/DIG.10 Thermally controlled 9
70/DIG.11 Garage door lock 11
70/DIG.12 Extension link with detachable link fastener 2
70/DIG.13 Socket-key lock 2
70/DIG.14 Insertable permanent key 0
70/DIG.15 Plug with tumbler retainer 3
70/DIG.16 Jail door lock 0
70/DIG.17 Check-key lock 1
70/DIG.18 Revolving door lock 1
70/DIG.19 Showcase lock 3
70/DIG.2 Tumbler, lateral locking 0
70/DIG.20 Push to project and lock bolt, key-released 25
70/DIG.21 Permutation, rotatable-segemental tumbler bolts 1
70/DIG.22 Segmental tumbler 1
70/DIG.23 Segmental slot in tumbler cooperating with a pin 1
70/DIG.24 Curved slot in tumbler 1
70/DIG.25 Peripheral pin on tumbler 4
70/DIG.26 Locking lug on bolt 3
70/DIG.27 Manually locked, key-released 14
70/DIG.28 Fence tumbler 0
70/DIG.29 Wedge tumbler 1
70/DIG.3 Schlage 2
70/DIG.30 Switch lock 74
70/DIG.31 Handle assembly, lock-controlled 19
70/DIG.32 Positioners 1
70/DIG.33 Starting point 1
70/DIG.34 Cover fasteners 23
70/DIG.35 Double-ended lock cylinder 4
70/DIG.36 Spring-returned lock cylinder 6
70/DIG.37 Cylinder lock, multiple tumbler arrangements 5
70/DIG.38 Cylinder lock, lateral keyhole 0
70/DIG.39 Cylinder and knob connection 14
70/DIG.4 Jacobi 0
70/DIG.40 Cylinder lock utilizing sheet metal 0
70/DIG.41 Coin-controlled 22
70/DIG.42 Lost motion devices 49
70/DIG.43 Lock protectors 26
70/DIG.44 Combination changers 12
70/DIG.45 Time lock and auxiliary lock operable on failure of time lock 0
70/DIG.46 Conducting key 13
70/DIG.47 Laterally movable key 1
70/DIG.48 Fluid pressure lock 15
70/DIG.49 With alarm 105
70/DIG.5 Magazine cylinder and pin tumblers 0
70/DIG.50 Time lock, fluid-controlled 1
70/DIG.51 Light sensitive control means 30
70/DIG.52 Over center spring 9
70/DIG.53 Adjustable spring 0
70/DIG.54 Double-ended spring 5
70/DIG.55 Unitary multiple springs 7
70/DIG.56 Lock protecting cover 29
70/DIG.57 Screw guard 132
70/DIG.58 Handle guard 31
70/DIG.59 Lock with indicator 29
70/DIG.6 Bolt dogged in retracted position 12
70/DIG.60 Opposed cylinders 42
70/DIG.61 Die cast cylinder 0
70/DIG.62 Cylinder plug stop 25
70/DIG.63 Multiple locks 78
70/DIG.64 Door spanning bolt 15
70/DIG.65 Double door lock 30
70/DIG.66 Double-ended bolt 4
70/DIG.67 Handle-contained latch operator 3
70/DIG.68 Oblique bolt 1
70/DIG.69 Floating bolt 1
70/DIG.7 Sleeve with embeddable tooth 0
70/DIG.70 Geneva stop 4
70/DIG.71 Combined permutation and key lock 7
70/DIG.72 Telephone lock 21
70/DIG.73 Thumb latch operator 4
70/DIG.74 Spring tumbler 1
70/DIG.75 Adjustable tumbler 1
70/DIG.76 Manually operated tumbler 0
70/DIG.77 "jaw" tumblers 0
70/DIG.78 Sliding and oscillating bolt 0
70/DIG.79 Sliding and rotary bolt 5
70/DIG.8 Closure-operator lock 0
70/DIG.80 Sliding bolt with sliding operating means 7
70/DIG.81 Camouflaging means 9
70/DIG.9 Pawl and ratchet lock 16

Patents under this class:

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