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Number: 60/279
Name: Power plants > Internal combustion engine with treatment or handling of exhaust gas > Material from exhaust structure fed to engine intake > Separated reactive constituent of exhaust fed to engine
Description: Apparatus in which the combustion chamber discharge is separated into two streams, one richer in reactive material than the other, the enriched part of the separated combustion chamber discharge being returned to the engine and the stream reduced in reactive components being discharged as exhaust gas.

Patents under this class:
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8631786 Method, systems and sensor for detecting humidity Jan. 21, 2014
8615991 Device for reducing corrosive constituents in an exhaust gas condensate of an internal combustion engine Dec. 31, 2013
8601800 Green muffler Dec. 10, 2013
8569659 Heater-integrated canister unit Oct. 29, 2013
8459015 System for use with an internal combustion engine effective for increasing power and improving fuel usage Jun. 11, 2013
8459243 Method, systems and sensor for detecting humidity Jun. 11, 2013
8388712 Particulate matter retaining and purging system Mar. 5, 2013
8375701 Hydrocarbon retaining and purging system Feb. 19, 2013
8322128 Hydrogen engine using a recirculating working medium Dec. 4, 2012
8234866 Exhaust gas recirculation system of internal combustion engine having a purification apparatus breakage detection unit Aug. 7, 2012
8215099 Exhaust gas purification device of internal combustion engine Jul. 10, 2012
8151553 Operating internal-combustion engine without discharging gas into environment Apr. 10, 2012
8007731 Fluid treatment device having a multiple ceramic honeycomb layered structure Aug. 30, 2011
7954311 Ammonia vapor management system and method Jun. 7, 2011
7861517 Method and system for controlling catalyst temperature Jan. 4, 2011
7654078 Exhaust gas particle collector Feb. 2, 2010
7637098 Arrangement for controlling exhaust pressure pulses at an internal combustion engine Dec. 29, 2009
7509798 Methods and systems for safely operating a diesel engine in a methane-rich environment Mar. 31, 2009
7481041 Exhaust system and method for operating the same Jan. 27, 2009
7464540 Ammonia producing engine utilizing oxygen separation Dec. 16, 2008
7349792 System for a virtual liquid sensor Mar. 25, 2008
7308788 Engine and method for counteracting face plugging of a diesel oxidation catalyst Dec. 18, 2007
7296400 Internal combustion engine Nov. 20, 2007
7191736 Low emission energy source Mar. 20, 2007
7112231 Clutch filter and method for assembly Sep. 26, 2006
7080505 Vehicular atmosphere cleansing method Jul. 25, 2006
7040088 Diesel engine exhaust purification system May. 9, 2006
6964158 Method and apparatus for particle-free exhaust gas recirculation for internal combustion engines Nov. 15, 2005
6964161 Induction exhaust system Nov. 15, 2005
6810658 Exhaust-gas purification installation and exhaust-gas purification method for purifying an exhaust gas from an internal combustion engine Nov. 2, 2004
6786037 Segmented mixing device having chevrons for exhaust noise reduction in jet engines Sep. 7, 2004
6783564 Clutch dust filter apparatus, and method of using same Aug. 31, 2004
6769244 Method of operating a combustion apparatus Aug. 3, 2004
6698190 Device and method for cleansing exhaust gas Mar. 2, 2004
6398851 Anti-air pollution & energy conservation system for automobiles using leaded or unleaded gasoline, diesel or alternate fuel Jun. 4, 2002
6272851 Exhaust recirculation system of internal combustion engine Aug. 14, 2001
6122908 Device and method for purification of exhaust gas Sep. 26, 2000
5943859 Natural gas reforming apparatus, oxygen eliminating apparatus provided in the same apparatus, and natural gas reforming apparatus-carrying gas engine Aug. 31, 1999
5863508 Catalytic reactor system Jan. 26, 1999
5798270 Assembly and method for monitoring hydrocarbon concentration in exhaust gas Aug. 25, 1998
5678403 Adsorption apparatus for unburnt hydrocarbons for internal combustion engine Oct. 21, 1997
5661973 Muffler and fuel saving device for internal combustion diesel engine Sep. 2, 1997
5647206 Exhaust emission purification apparatus Jul. 15, 1997
5592925 Exhaust gas recirculation device for internal combustion engine Jan. 14, 1997
5560201 System for purifying exhaust gas for use in an automobile Oct. 1, 1996
5544482 Exhaust gas-purifying system for internal combustion engines Aug. 13, 1996
5524433 Methods and apparatus for monitoring the performance of hydrocarbon engine emission trapping devices Jun. 11, 1996
5497619 Exhaust gas purification apparatus Mar. 12, 1996
5461857 Engine exhaust gas purification device Oct. 31, 1995
5457958 Method and apparatus for reducing nitrogen oxides in the exhaust gas of an internal combustion engine Oct. 17, 1995

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